Saturday, August 1, 2009

Attack of the killer bees

Today was what I would call a serious of unfortunate events.

I had a beautiful morning with my closest friends, shopping at the farmer's market and visiting a vintage store here in town. After our morning activities, we went back to the house to meet up with our husbands. When we got home I let Stella (my one year old pile of energy--golden retriever) out into the back yard. Somehow the gate was not closed in our back yard, and you guessed it Stella escaped! I always thought she was happy at her home, but I guess she has been playing me. I'm not sure how much time had passed, maybe 45 minutes, but E went to the door to bring her in and she was missing in action! My heart sank. For all you who know me Stella aka Stells is truly like my child. I ADORE her! We run together, take naps together, and she occasionally will even run errands with me. I could not imagine that she was missing. As soon as we realized she was gone E jumped in the car and drove up and down the streets. Thankfully, after turning a couple corners E spotted her. E got her into the car and brought her home to me.

As I type, she passed out tired next to me. Her breakaway adventure must have taken a lot out of her!

I love each of these bee inspired pieces. I think all three would go classically with a simple black dress.

While I do love this jewelry, I have a different feeling about the real thing.
Today I had an encounter not just one, but may bees. Let me assure you there was nothing trendy, vintage, eclectic, or or classic about it. Later in the afternoon I was walking through the backyard with E and my parents and all of the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my foot. Then another sharp pain. As I looked down the see where the pain was coming from I saw bees (I think they were technically hornets) swarming from the ground. I stepped on a hornet's nest in the ground! They were everywhere. I probably had like 10 on my clothes. I am so lucky to say I was only stung on my feet and arm.

So, what a day? The dog runs away and I step on a hornets nest! I think I need to go to sleep before I really cause myself harm! If things keep progressing it could get lethal.

Here are some pictures of E and my dad burning out the hornets.

I have a feeling they will not be back to bother me.

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