Friday, July 31, 2009

shower OR bath?

When we moved into our house about 1 year ago there was very little difference between taking a shower and taking a bath! Our plumbing was so bad that you would be standing in a bath tub full or water by the end of your shower. And the idea of someone taking a shower right after you- oh that was totally out of the question. It took what seemed like decades for the water to drain! I guess that is what you get when you move into a house with 55 year-old plumbing. We tried drain-o and everything else the stores had to offer, however, the water continued to rise. We lived with this shower/bath dilemma for almost a year. As the problem became worse and the water rose higher, my tolerance became lower. Finally E and I broke down and decided to take on a remolding project! Let me warn you E and I have no experience in "handy work." The tension in the room rises when we take on simple projects like hanging pictures together! haha Does anyone else experience this? Thankfully we were blessed with two great friends who flip houses. They were truly a God send. We totally gutted the entire bathroom! Take a look for yourself....

This is what it looked like in the beginning
The vanity literally took up the entire room.

The green "thing" is a window that went into ou
r laundry room. Several years ago the previous owners added onto the house. In order to block the lovely view of the washer and dryer, they put up a hunter green shade. How gloomy and dark?
You've gotta love that wallpaper.

Here I am hard at work.
Don't let me fool you. I did very little hard labor. My duties involved the design creativity aka "buying stuff."

From gloomy and sad...
To bright and fun!
We used the wasted window space and created some built-ins...
I will share with you in a later post about what I did with the window

We used white subway tiles on the shower
The cut outs are one of my favorite parts

A little attention to the details

Fresh flowers: you might be thinking "how does Rachel afford fresh flowers every week?" Well, these lovely hydrangeas we
re picked right off UK's campus. Some may feel like that is stealing, but after being a UK student I'll take anything I can get. If you're also a UK alum, I know you can feel my pain! True story- I once heard of someone stealing toilet paper in protest of tuition rises! I haven't taken it that far yet!

I love apothecary jars
Once a cake topper- now a bathroom decoration

From my favorite bath store- LUSH
One word of advice, do not buy any of the bath bombs with confetti. The confetti pokes and OUCH it hurts!
Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment if you have any questions on product information! Enjoy your weekend! I am planning on spending some much needed time with friends and family.


Jen said...

i may have been the one to steal toilet paper :( it was because i know that none of the roommates had bought new toilet paper and, like you, i feel like i've paid my dues to the university of kentucky!

ALSO...the pics of the bathroom definitely capture how precious it is & shows how creative you and eric are!

happy blogging :)

Pamela said...

oh my goodness. i am seriously impressed. could you do some sort of similarly impressive overhaul to my cubicle?

Elizabeth said...

Your bathroom is gorgeous! I love your blog!

Lucianne said...

at least one third of my college roommates used to fill empty backpacks with toilet paper from UK's bathrooms. and i lived with six girls.

Julie said...

Rach! So adorable! Don't you love the feeling of a successful renovation? I am so glad I knew what it looked like before because the after is amazing. We are still working on our downstairs half bath...we just installed the same pedestal sink last week. :)

I'd love to see it the next time we are in town!

Henry said...

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