Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blog Virgin

Welcome friends. I have recently become "slightly" obsessed with reading blogs. I find new inspiration and creativity each day from the minds of others. This is my first post so don't judge too quickly!

A few of my favorite things... close friends, vacations, Stella, and my wonderful husband...

I am excited for tomorrow because I am planning a yummy dinner date with Eric. The menu: Grilled Swordfish with Soy Sauce, sauteed green beans (from my garden!) and roasted red potatoes. (If the meal is a hit, I promise to share the recipe) I am most excited about the green beans. This spring/summer I ventured out and planted my very own garden. (To be honest it looks more like a jungle...I'm not one for weeding) I like to think of it more as an "all natural garden" instead of "a garden full of weeds." :) Being natural is in- right? I have loved planting and watching everything grow. There is something uniquely therapeutic about growing your own food. It's so fun watching things grow and produce exactly the way God created them to. Well, off to bed I go. The alarm will be going off before I know it. To be truly honest, I planning on reading a little Roald Dahl before I call it a day. Who doesn't love a great childhood book? Thanks for visiting

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Julie said...

You are so cute with your blog. I secretly like to read people's blogs, so I'll gladly read yours too! Love the photos of Stella, even though I know she's so grown up by now. Looking forward to seeing you at Ryan's wedding!!!