Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

A little preview of Parker on Halloween ...

 More to come soon ...

farmer's market in the Fall

introducing solids

Thursday, October 27, 2011

our Fall mantel

for only the cost of a bag of mini pumpkins 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my almost 6 month old

I might be a little biased, but I think he's the cutest little man ... ever.
Look at those chunky thighs? 
I know I say it all the time, but I am crazy in love with him.
I think are rough beginning together has made me realize even more how much my love for him only grows.

Thankfully, it just keeps getting sweeter. 
So if you're reading this and find yourself in the middle of the newborn fog - please trust me - IT DOES GET BETTER. 

So much better.
Also ...

How much do you love my new blog design??
Thanks to my amazingly talented friend Angie, the blog has a new look :)
She can make your blog beautiful as well - just ask her

You can get more information about her designs here.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have dreams about having a big front porch.

But currently, we live in a cape cod style home with no front porch ... womp womp.
So needless to say, when I found this picture I was blown away.

Maybe my dreams of a big front porch can come true someday :)

Full of excitement, I immediately showed the picture to Eric ...
bad idea.
Eric hates projects ... especially the idea of big projects like this one.

Anyways, I was super excited and showed him the picture. 
I rambled on about my dreams of a front porch and how this house was "just like ours, but they had a porch" ... and I proceeded to tell him how "easy" it would be to add on a porch like this. bahaha 

He followed up with conversation my telling me that the house in the picture is nothing like our house and went on to elaborate on how much it would cost to add on a porch.

So much for my excitement :(
So I thought I would share with you all ... because anyone who reads blogs loves to dream ... and loves a good project!

Friday, October 14, 2011


This print is pretty much the story of my life 

I want my life to be more like this 

How do you combine the too?
How do you balance the world of pinterest ... brimming with inspiration and projects ... and a simple life?
If you have the secret let me know!

I feel like this girl has the secret

(screen shot from the iphone)

She looks like she full of inspiration, but still very peaceful ... like she has it all together.

I'm jealous.

I bet she doesn't have a 5 month old ... and if she does ... I don't want to know about it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another baby falls prey to

Sophie a la giraffe. 

 He is smitten by Sophie.
If we go somewhere an I know that we're going to be there for awhile ... I save Sophie for my last ditch effort.

Also, check out those blue eyes ... I hope that stay this way.
I think they're lighter than when he was born ... so I have hope that they're here to stay.

You have to admit ... he's pretty darn cute!

(this picture is especially flattering bc you cannot see the back of his head. Seriously, this little guy has some crazy hair ... maybe that's another blog post for another day. Gotta keep it real - right?)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

build it yourself or an old charmer?

Almost everyday that I work, I drive past this home

I am in the love with every detail. 
My house is brick, but if I were going to paint the brick ... I think I'd choose this color scheme.

I was looking back in my phone the other day and I found the picture above. I've also watched the video of Edie's new home too many times.

The two combined have got me thinking.
I always felt pretty certain that my dream was to live in a big old house someday. 
I love the history and character that old homes carry ... like the one above.
A lot of the architectural details of an old home cannot be replicated.

However, after watching Edie's video ... I feel strangely drawn to the dream of building a new home.

(obviously neither of these are a reality for us anytime soon ... but I can dream right?)

I cannot even imagine getting the freedom of picking out every detail in a new home.
Everything from cabinets to countertops to doors to doorknobs, to how wide you want the hard wood flooring to be. 

Not to mention all the lighting options.

I don't know if I would love it, or if it would totally stress me out. 

But having EVERYTHING brand new would be AMAZING!
Everything would be so clean ... for a little while at least.
However, I think that it would feel cleaner for longer. New stuff just seems cleaner than old stuff.

What about you all ... for your dream home ... would you go with a built to yourself ... or an old charmer in need of personal touches?

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm really excited about today's post

Hello Boggers :)
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 
Eric is currently writing a paper ... boo ... so I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on all of the things I want to share with you all.

This weekend Eric turned 29 and we were able to celebrate big time! We began the day with breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts and a trip to the farmer's market. I took a bunch of pictures at the farmers market that I'll share soon - I got real stressed out at how much I still suck at using our real camera ... but oh well.

After the farmers market, we took a much needed nap while little P napped. 
Then, we packed up the car and drove to Newport, KY to meet our families for dinner.
We had dinner at Brio to celebrate Eric and my dad.
The meal was great and Parker was good considering how long we were there.

Oh and before I forget to mention it ...earlier in the week we snuck away for an amazing date to the Melting Pot.
One of the college girls in the small group that I lead volunteered to babysit for FREE :) 
It was such a treat. 

Back to Eric's actual birthday ...
After dinner, we drove back to Lexington and put little P to bed.
Eric read GoodN Night Moon for the 1,000th times, sang "I love you Lord," and gave him a "few" good night kisses.

While Eric put little P to bed, I set up a special surprise for us.

A couple of weeks ago, Jen posted about the fort her and Ben built in the middle of their living room for their anniversary weekend. I LOVED the idea. So sweet ... and you'll never too old for a fort right?

 We caught up on this week's episode of Modern Family (currently my favorite show) and talked about what we want for our little families future. We talked about traditions we want to start, foster care, our jobs, and how much fun it will be to build a fort for Parker someday.

It was the perfect end to the day! 

Happy Belated Birthday Eric :)
Next year will be the big 3-0!