Tuesday, October 11, 2011

build it yourself or an old charmer?

Almost everyday that I work, I drive past this home

I am in the love with every detail. 
My house is brick, but if I were going to paint the brick ... I think I'd choose this color scheme.

I was looking back in my phone the other day and I found the picture above. I've also watched the video of Edie's new home too many times.

The two combined have got me thinking.
I always felt pretty certain that my dream was to live in a big old house someday. 
I love the history and character that old homes carry ... like the one above.
A lot of the architectural details of an old home cannot be replicated.

However, after watching Edie's video ... I feel strangely drawn to the dream of building a new home.

(obviously neither of these are a reality for us anytime soon ... but I can dream right?)

I cannot even imagine getting the freedom of picking out every detail in a new home.
Everything from cabinets to countertops to doors to doorknobs, to how wide you want the hard wood flooring to be. 

Not to mention all the lighting options.

I don't know if I would love it, or if it would totally stress me out. 

But having EVERYTHING brand new would be AMAZING!
Everything would be so clean ... for a little while at least.
However, I think that it would feel cleaner for longer. New stuff just seems cleaner than old stuff.

What about you all ... for your dream home ... would you go with a built to yourself ... or an old charmer in need of personal touches?

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