Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tummy time


Parker is slowly warming up to the idea of tummy time. He used to SCREAM after about 2 seconds on his tummy, but now he can last for almost 20 minutes! 
He's also rolled from belly to back a couple of times ... once was with the help of Stella ... she gave him a little nudge with her nose!

Sometimes he still gets a little lazy, and lies his head down like this ...

and another one just for fun of little P eating his cereal 

Yes, he's eating his cereal in his car seat. 
Don't judge :)

My little man is growing up so fast, but honestly I love watching him change and learn new things. 

I'm so proud of you little P!
Also, I'm interested in suggestions for toys to help stimulate him. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

completely random

A few random things

1. I came in from work today and Parker and Eric were asleep on the couch. It was adorable. I couldn't believe how long Parker looked. He seriously looked like a little boy.

2. We've moved past the world of swaddling and graduated to the Aden and Anais sleep sack.

3. Things at work have been stressful and uncertain. A lot of changes are taking place. I love working with children and families. I do not want that to change. I also love being part-time and having the opportunity to spends lots of time with my little man. I am trying to cling to God's history of faithfulness. He never fails us.

4. I want to do something more creative with my life. I'm not sure what that would look like. 
Maybe more jewelry stuff ... maybe a pop up shop ... maybe decorating a room in my house.

5. I have decided to stop pumping (since about 3 weeks I've pumped 100% of the time and given Parker the breast milk). We're weeding out possible allergies and I finally came to the decision that switching to formula was best for our family. I'm throwing all self-imposed guilt to the wind. 

6. Does anyone else find that guilt tries to creep into a lot of areas of motherhood.

7. I love my little man more than I could have ever dreamed.

8. I am so excited to watch the premier of Up All Night.

9. I am even more excited for Eric and I to getaway next weekend for my bestie Shannon's wedding. She is going to be the most beautiful bride. I can't wait to see her all dolled up.

10. I can't wait to wear a pretty dress to the wedding.

11. I can't wait to wear Fall clothes. Especially boots.

12. I have a new addiction to lattes. Eric and I have been making them at home and it's AMAZING.

13. When I was driving to work today, I kept thinking about how much motherhood involves sharing your body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are such amazing and self-sacrificing experiences. It is so good to go through these sanctifying experiences. God made women with such amazing purposes. 

14. We've started a bedtime routine. It's so much fun. I think it is really good for little man. It goes a little something like bottle, change diaper, put on pjs and sleep sack, read goodnight moon, sing a short worship song, prayers (usually for a full nights sleep:), turn on sound machine, and lots of kisses on his forehead ... close the door and hope that I don't see his precious face again until 8:00am.

15. Eric started graduate school this month. I am so proud of him. He is going to make a wonderful school counselor one. He will make lasting impact in the life of students ... I am sure of it. 

16. Motherhood is such a continuous transition. Babies, or children for this matter are always changing. Therefore, parents always need to be changing. I have found myself experiencing a lot of unexpected anxiety about this. I like things to be orderly and in my control. I am making daily attempts to surrender my anxieties and fears to Christ. Why do I worry about one thing, when before I know it, it will pass and there will be another thing to worry about. I want to live in the moment and remember that -this too shall pass-.