Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tummy time


Parker is slowly warming up to the idea of tummy time. He used to SCREAM after about 2 seconds on his tummy, but now he can last for almost 20 minutes! 
He's also rolled from belly to back a couple of times ... once was with the help of Stella ... she gave him a little nudge with her nose!

Sometimes he still gets a little lazy, and lies his head down like this ...

and another one just for fun of little P eating his cereal 

Yes, he's eating his cereal in his car seat. 
Don't judge :)

My little man is growing up so fast, but honestly I love watching him change and learn new things. 

I'm so proud of you little P!
Also, I'm interested in suggestions for toys to help stimulate him. Any suggestions?

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Liz said...

Too cute! He's getting big :)