Friday, April 30, 2010

under construction

Happy Friday!
I love this cheery room. Anyone else with me? 
I'm usually not a huge fan or orange, but I have really been enjoying the turquoise and orange combos out there lately.

This is an exciting weekend for so many reasons...

Most importantly being ... E is running his first FULL MARATHON on Sunday! I am so so proud of him. He has been training and disciplining his body for months ... I know that he will do amazingly well. Now, I am just praying for no rain.

 Since he will be running, we're going to spend the whole weekend in Cincinnati. We're going to get a chance to visit both of our families - treat! 

One other amazing thing about the race being in Cincy is the outlets. On Saturday afternoon I am heading straight for the JCrew outlet. My sweet husband bought my a gift card there as a little treat for getting my new job. His only stipulation is that I have to buy something to wear for my first day. I think I can handle that ... I could literally buy everything there. 

This is also an exciting time, because last night E booked our flights from France to Italy. We're going to Europe ... we're really doing it. Now that those are booked, we know exactly which cities we'll be in. Next step ... book hotels. Actually, I haven't really been looking at many hotels. I've seemed to be drawn to the guest houses.  

A couple other things on the weekend run down ...

1. Celebrate my brother's girlfriends birthday
2. Eat Skyline
3. Maybe visit with Baby James
4. Make pom poms with my little sister

...and whatever else I find myself getting into...

One other thing that I would really love your all's help on ... the new blog design. Please please please shower me with your thoughts and suggestions. 

I loved the name "All Things New," but I was thinking that it would be a good move to make my jewelry line and blog more unified. 

What do you think?
Is this a good move?

{Also, just so you know, the content of the blog is not going to change in the least. I am still going to write about all kinds of random crap!}

How do you feel about the doilies?
Classic or too plain?
Do you love the write or should I add some color?

I want to add a splash of color through putting some of my jewelry on the doilies. I picture a bright pair of small studs sitting on the center doily. Oh if only I was better at using Illustrator.

I think that even if I go back to the name "All Things New" I will stick with the doilies. I really love doilies. 

I am not a business or marketing lady at all ... but they say that "branding" your product is important. So ... I need your help!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

diggin' in the dirt

I love the Spring. 
One of my favorite parts of the season is working in my garden. 
E and I have been working to get the ground ready, and last Saturday we started planting. I was still a little afraid of frost, so I just stuck to planting lettuce and strawberries.  

Also on the list to plant later in May are: tomatoes. peppers, cucumbers, sugar snap peas. green beans, parsley, basil, cilantro, yellow squash, zuccini, and sweet potatoes. Thankfully, the asparagus and raspberries came back from last year and are doing amazing.

Here's my little garden:

The fence is to keep my crazy dogs out. Addie has already figured out that she can just step over it. 
This hasn't occurred to Stella.

Did I mention that I had a few helpers?

These two did not leave my side. In fact, they never do. A couple of days ago I swept the entire house, and they followed me from room to room. If I'm in the studio ... there they are. If I'm reading on the couch ... there they are. If I'm going to the bathroom ... yes they are there too. Just hanging out.

A few bleeding hearts from the flower beds. I planted these last year and had no idea how huge they would be when the came back.

And the strawberries. I don't think we'll get a lot this year, but the best part about them is that they come back year after year! What a treat.

Eventually my little Stells got tired of helping, and decided to lounge around right in the middle of the flower beds. I like to believe that it's all her fault that my beds are in the shape that they're in. Or maybe she is helping ... maybe she is trying to kill all the weeds by laying on them!

Stella did a little diggin of her own.
I feel like she is grinning ear to ear, so proud of the giant whole she dug.

Happy Spring!

Monday, April 26, 2010

macarons, paul & peter, cinque terre, wine, colosseum, and bistros

Flights booked - check!

Super excited - check!

Hotels booked - not sure what out plans are for this one. Book in advance or not -- what do you think? In France we will be staying with friends, but we're not sure what to do about Italy.

Three weeks from today I will be on a plane ... traveling to Europe!
Neither E or I have been before -- what an adventure.

I am ready to be here

or here

{side note- I am currently reading this book. This Christian fiction novel takes place in Rome ... shortly after the death of Christ. Although the book is fiction, it is full of historical facts. I am so glad that I am reading it right before our trip.} 

or  here

enjoying these

and drinking wine on a street like this one

One of the places that I would really like to visit is the Mamertine Prison. It is the popular belief that both Paul and Peter were imprisoned here.

We're flying in on a Monday ... and we will be staying with friends in Paris until Thursday. On Friday we're going to embark on another {at this time} unknown adventure.
Yesterday our friends sent us an email of possible places we could travel to for that weekend. Here is what he said..

-WWII DDay beaches in Normandy and war memorials/cemeteries
-a B&B and some simple exploration in a cute little village in some unknown French village
-touring a (or some) chateau(s) [old really big houses and/or castles]
-visiting a French vineyard
-Mont Saint Michel
-Palace of Versailles
-Giverny (Monet's gardens and house)
-Gaelic Ruins in Brittany
-Champagne (region and the beverage)
-wine/cheese tasting
-French Alps
How will I ever decide? 

I am also going to try to make good use of the week and a half off before the trip ... time that I will also be off work! I am working on a list of things I am going to do. I promise to share soon. 

Any suggestions? 
If you have a week and a half off work ... what would you do?  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

makin plans

one thing i have learned in the past couple days ... 
don't just google paris ... 
you'll see way more dirty pictures than pictures of the eiffel tower

lesson learned.

So, I will fill you in on what I have brewing. 

As of yesterday, I put in my two weeks. No harsh feelings, but I am pretty excited about it. 

My last day of work will be May 5 and my first day at my new job will be June 1.

Do you know what that means?


I haven't had a month off work since I started working when I was 15. 

During that month, E and I have decided that we're going to embark on a little adventure together. 

We're packing our bags and leaving the country {one of my new year's resolutions}.
We're planning on spending one week in France and one week in Italy.
Since we're leaving in a little over three weeks, we really need to get out butts into gear. 
I think we're going to spend some time Saturday -  in a Starbucks - with our laptop - nailing out all the details. 

Here is what we have right now:

somewhere else in France
Cinque de Terre

Any suggestions? I would LOVE to hear them! Also, feel free to email me if you have any advice about any of these places.

I am so excited! I can't wait to relax and adventure with my favorite person in the world. 

I have a strong feeling that this month off will be good for my soul.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ohh happy day

The day has finally come. 
It is here. 
I have been waiting to write this post. 
Hoping that someday I would be able to write this post. 

So the news is  ....

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!

A big girl job. I am going to be blessed with the opportunity to be some little kiddo's therapist. Yesterday, I accepted a position with a community mental health center in Anderson Co. It's about a 35 minute commute from my house, but it is so worth it to be doing something that I feel so passionate about.

This job is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for. When I decided to go to graduate school, I did so with the hopes of becoming a therapist someday. I dreamed of working with children, but was open to the idea of counseling adults as well. Throughout the past few years I have been working with adults with substance abuse problems, and have grown to love it. 

Throughout the past four months {since graduation}, I questioned if God still wanted me to work with kids, or if I should pursue working with adults. I applied for jobs all of the board, and when this one was offered to me - well - there was my answer. 


I will be doing individual counseling with children and adolescents. Most of the therapy sessions will be held at the child's school. In addition, I will have the opportunity to work with an after school / group therapy program of elementary age children. I will also be co-facilitating group therapy with middle school aged children.

I'm sure this job will lead to lots of good stories. 
And, of course I will share them with you!

I am giddy about God providing me with this job ... but I am also super pumped about another thing. I promise to share as soon as plans are finalized.

I am one lucky lady!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

literature on the walls

I am absolutely smitten. I was in an interior design store today and they had used pages from books as wallpaper - just like this bathroom! I think that I have found exactly what I would like to do for our other bathroom. I am going to store this inspiration away in my brain. The guys at the store said that they literally took old pages from books and used wallpaper paste to attach them to the walls.

Here are a couple other images for you to enjoy ...

I  might work on this ... as it seems that very soon I am going to have a couple free weeks on my hands. 
Oh I promise to let you in on the big news SOON!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I could handle a few of these this morning. 

If you feel as tempted as I do, then you can find them here. Although I don't think these go with my new "going to the beach in July" need to stop eating so much sugar and fast food diet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

gardens, jobs, running, weddings, budgets, and glossy green goodness

I feel like my mind is a little blank today. 
Maybe that's because I am working on a Saturday -blah! 
Oh well, I can't complain - I did have yesterday off. Since E works for a church and works on Sundays, he is also off on Friday. Not too bad. 

Since I don't have anything pressing, I am going to resort of lists and randomness ...

1. I got these boots. They came in the mail on Thursday, and I haven't taken them off. Expect for sleeping. I am going to a wedding tonight, so I guess I will have to take them off. They don't really go with my dress - oh wait I don't even know what I am going to wear. This week I had one of those spoiled moments when I looked into my closet and felt like I had nothing cute or new to wear to this wedding. I wish that I would stop having moments like that. Also, I beat the system. I ordered them through the UK and saved $25.00. Score.

2. I am working on jewelry for a couple of bridal parties! I love doing the jewelry for weddings. I can't wait to see pictures of the bridesmaids all wearing pieces from Stella Bella Boutique

3. E is running like 20 something miles today. He is training for a marathon on May 2nd. I am so so proud of him. The only downer is that he is part of the ceremony tonight, and he believes that he will be limping down the aisle. I guess that's what a 20 mile run does to you. I am going to try to run 3 {not 20} miles today. I guess I will have to take the boots off for that too.

4. I am still in deep with the job search. Yesterday, I had a second interview with a community mental health center. I REALLY want the job! I am trying not to get my hopes up, considering how things have been with all that. If I don't get it, I will still trust in God's plan for me. If I do get it, then I will give my 2 weeks IMMEDIATELY. The position I am interviewing for said that it usually takes 6 weeks between offer and start date. 6-2=4. I could be happy with a month off. I might even leave the country! Not trying to get my hopes up ... not trying to get my hopes up! 

5. This week I began leading a small bible study of college age girls. I would love for you to pray about this! I feel really excited. The girls are amazing, eager to know, eager to be challenged, and open about what's going on in their lives. I couldn't ask for a better group.

6. E and I have been working super hard to get the garden ready. I think it is just about there. Maybe after work today I will go and buy some seeds. I feel like our yard/landscaping is never ending work. Maybe some much will help with this. 

7. Addie is adjusting super well. She is the sweetest dog ever. Stella loves her to death. I think that the feeling is mutual. Last week E was out of town for a couple of days, and Addie slept right next to my bed each night. Such a sweetie. She is perfect except for one thing, she is an escape artist. She loves the dig and creep her body under the fence. I think that the neighbors are no longer surprised when they see her trotting around in their yard! My yard work also needs to include making repairs to the bottom of the fence. Any ideas? 

8. The pantry picture doesn't go with this post at all. I just thought that it was pretty!

9. E and I went to lunch yesterday. He is such the coupon king that our lunch cost us a grand total of 32 cents. I felt excited about it, and a little embarrassed.

10. E and I have been on the "envelope" budget system for about three months. I really like it. I think that I am more conscious of where my money is going. I also think that I am spending less. The irony of a budget is, at first it feels very restricting, but in reality it is so freeing. When I say envelope system, this is what I am talking about. We have literal paper envelopes for each category of our spending budget. We have envelopes for things like daily needs {toilet paper, perscriptions, toiletries, ect}, groceries, eating out, gifts, pets, and joy $. Joy money is the spending money that each of us get per month. We can use this for whatever our heart desires. I don't do envelopes for things like utilities and internet. At the beginning of the month I fill up the envelopes. I use cash for everything. When the money's gone it's gone. It's that easy. It has been so good for us.

I think that's about it for now ... 
Until next time ...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a splash of color

if you were like the golden girls

If I knew I was going to live in a house with girls for the rest of my life {like the golden girls}, I would have a kitchen like this.

Doesn't it just make you happy? Everything from the pink fridge and stove ... to the pink mixer ... to the bead board walls and ceiling ... to the fresh flowers in that amazing sink ... to the sunshine coming through the windows ... I could go on and on. 

What is your favorite part? 
If you knew that you were going to be living with all girls, what is one girly addition you would add to your home?

A dressing room?
Footed tub?
Pom pom trim?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mother's day ideas

Does anyone have any good Mother's Day ideas? I am in love with this one. Go here for the step by step.

Has anyone ever tried to do etched glass? 
It looks pretty easy, but then again Martha makes everything look easy right??

Martha also provides adorable gift wrapping ideas using different types of paper.
This one is my fav:
 Using cupcake and mini muffin liners ... who would have thought? Only Martha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

latin adventures: part 3

{a little too much like silence of the lambs ... but I like it}

{yes, this is a sloth}

{the gardens were amazing}

{please ignore the frizzzzz}