Saturday, April 17, 2010

gardens, jobs, running, weddings, budgets, and glossy green goodness

I feel like my mind is a little blank today. 
Maybe that's because I am working on a Saturday -blah! 
Oh well, I can't complain - I did have yesterday off. Since E works for a church and works on Sundays, he is also off on Friday. Not too bad. 

Since I don't have anything pressing, I am going to resort of lists and randomness ...

1. I got these boots. They came in the mail on Thursday, and I haven't taken them off. Expect for sleeping. I am going to a wedding tonight, so I guess I will have to take them off. They don't really go with my dress - oh wait I don't even know what I am going to wear. This week I had one of those spoiled moments when I looked into my closet and felt like I had nothing cute or new to wear to this wedding. I wish that I would stop having moments like that. Also, I beat the system. I ordered them through the UK and saved $25.00. Score.

2. I am working on jewelry for a couple of bridal parties! I love doing the jewelry for weddings. I can't wait to see pictures of the bridesmaids all wearing pieces from Stella Bella Boutique

3. E is running like 20 something miles today. He is training for a marathon on May 2nd. I am so so proud of him. The only downer is that he is part of the ceremony tonight, and he believes that he will be limping down the aisle. I guess that's what a 20 mile run does to you. I am going to try to run 3 {not 20} miles today. I guess I will have to take the boots off for that too.

4. I am still in deep with the job search. Yesterday, I had a second interview with a community mental health center. I REALLY want the job! I am trying not to get my hopes up, considering how things have been with all that. If I don't get it, I will still trust in God's plan for me. If I do get it, then I will give my 2 weeks IMMEDIATELY. The position I am interviewing for said that it usually takes 6 weeks between offer and start date. 6-2=4. I could be happy with a month off. I might even leave the country! Not trying to get my hopes up ... not trying to get my hopes up! 

5. This week I began leading a small bible study of college age girls. I would love for you to pray about this! I feel really excited. The girls are amazing, eager to know, eager to be challenged, and open about what's going on in their lives. I couldn't ask for a better group.

6. E and I have been working super hard to get the garden ready. I think it is just about there. Maybe after work today I will go and buy some seeds. I feel like our yard/landscaping is never ending work. Maybe some much will help with this. 

7. Addie is adjusting super well. She is the sweetest dog ever. Stella loves her to death. I think that the feeling is mutual. Last week E was out of town for a couple of days, and Addie slept right next to my bed each night. Such a sweetie. She is perfect except for one thing, she is an escape artist. She loves the dig and creep her body under the fence. I think that the neighbors are no longer surprised when they see her trotting around in their yard! My yard work also needs to include making repairs to the bottom of the fence. Any ideas? 

8. The pantry picture doesn't go with this post at all. I just thought that it was pretty!

9. E and I went to lunch yesterday. He is such the coupon king that our lunch cost us a grand total of 32 cents. I felt excited about it, and a little embarrassed.

10. E and I have been on the "envelope" budget system for about three months. I really like it. I think that I am more conscious of where my money is going. I also think that I am spending less. The irony of a budget is, at first it feels very restricting, but in reality it is so freeing. When I say envelope system, this is what I am talking about. We have literal paper envelopes for each category of our spending budget. We have envelopes for things like daily needs {toilet paper, perscriptions, toiletries, ect}, groceries, eating out, gifts, pets, and joy $. Joy money is the spending money that each of us get per month. We can use this for whatever our heart desires. I don't do envelopes for things like utilities and internet. At the beginning of the month I fill up the envelopes. I use cash for everything. When the money's gone it's gone. It's that easy. It has been so good for us.

I think that's about it for now ... 
Until next time ...


Anonymous said...

josh and i have been doing the envelope system since january! it does help, even if it is kinda annoying! are you guys doing the total money makeover (dave ramsey) stuff? we are. :)

Anonymous said...

are those boots just wonderful? I really need a pair to knock about my garden in; do they have any kind of arch support at all? I love the color you picked out!
we got out of debt incredibly quickly once we did Dave Ramsey, but then we got out of the envelope system habit; you just encouraged me to go for it again!!
Prayin' for that job!!

Laura Leavell said...

Those Hunter boots are big with horse people. If you go to Rolex this weekend, you will probably see some. I have always wanted them, but I have, oh, about 8 pairs of boots so I can't buy anymore! That's cool that you have them though.