Thursday, April 22, 2010

makin plans

one thing i have learned in the past couple days ... 
don't just google paris ... 
you'll see way more dirty pictures than pictures of the eiffel tower

lesson learned.

So, I will fill you in on what I have brewing. 

As of yesterday, I put in my two weeks. No harsh feelings, but I am pretty excited about it. 

My last day of work will be May 5 and my first day at my new job will be June 1.

Do you know what that means?


I haven't had a month off work since I started working when I was 15. 

During that month, E and I have decided that we're going to embark on a little adventure together. 

We're packing our bags and leaving the country {one of my new year's resolutions}.
We're planning on spending one week in France and one week in Italy.
Since we're leaving in a little over three weeks, we really need to get out butts into gear. 
I think we're going to spend some time Saturday -  in a Starbucks - with our laptop - nailing out all the details. 

Here is what we have right now:

somewhere else in France
Cinque de Terre

Any suggestions? I would LOVE to hear them! Also, feel free to email me if you have any advice about any of these places.

I am so excited! I can't wait to relax and adventure with my favorite person in the world. 

I have a strong feeling that this month off will be good for my soul.


Jade Cook said...

How wonderful!! The only place on your list that I have been to is Venice. I would suggest spending at least a day there, if not longer. It's so "old world" and really fun to get lost and enjoy the surroundings. I was there for a week and found something new everyday! HAVE FUN!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

jenna said...

Oh my gosh!! I want to come! So fun!

emily said...

rachel -
when I went to Paris, I stayed at a hotel called le petit madeleine ( It's not terribly expensive, it's small, but so cute and cozy. Also, it's not too far from a metro station (and I highly recommend this as a form of travel - cheap and easy to navigate!). I don't know where you're going in Italy, but I have been to Rome, too, and have some info there if you need it.

Have fun! And ps: I love to read your blog!

Emily Howard

Julie said...

I went to Venice & Paris in HS. Venice was AWESEOME. You could just wonder around for two straight days. I agree with Jade's comments.

Paris was good for like two days. We did the Louvre, Notre Dame, Versaille, Arc de Triomphe, etc. touristy stuff. It was so good, but it was pretty chilly and rainy.

Otherwise you should talk to Courtney Shell because she had interesting things to say. Cinque Terra was her absolute favorite. She said she was anti-Rome for more than a day or two because it was so crowded and tourist-y. I've also heard REALLY good stuff about Florence because it's really home-y & cute.

Also, I hear the Côte d'Azur/French Riviera is gorgeous in France. Seth said he would pick Normandy Beach...just for the history aspect. But it has a lot of country-side and quaint small towns.

Take good notes, because we're going next year!!!

Anonymous said...

i haven't been to either, but both josh and my sister said florence was their favorite city in italy! you're a lucky girl!

Eric said...

Correction...we are going to Florence, not Venice. Venice is pretty far northeast from where we'll be. But I'm excited to go all these crazy places with you babe!!!

Anonymous said...

how absolutely wonderful! journal every day you are mom used to do that on trips we took and I love to read them (I just need to take her advice and do it myself!)
you guys are going to have an amazing time. :)

Michael & Joe Joe said...

We are so excited to see you guys!! Certainly glad to advise any time you need it!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Oh and of course Massy is a must see ;)

hannah said...

you should totally and completely do everything in your power to visit the island of Capri. Pompeii is nearby, and that is also an amazing experience. and Florence, if you have time! my gosh, Florence is so cool. So very cool.