Monday, April 26, 2010

macarons, paul & peter, cinque terre, wine, colosseum, and bistros

Flights booked - check!

Super excited - check!

Hotels booked - not sure what out plans are for this one. Book in advance or not -- what do you think? In France we will be staying with friends, but we're not sure what to do about Italy.

Three weeks from today I will be on a plane ... traveling to Europe!
Neither E or I have been before -- what an adventure.

I am ready to be here

or here

{side note- I am currently reading this book. This Christian fiction novel takes place in Rome ... shortly after the death of Christ. Although the book is fiction, it is full of historical facts. I am so glad that I am reading it right before our trip.} 

or  here

enjoying these

and drinking wine on a street like this one

One of the places that I would really like to visit is the Mamertine Prison. It is the popular belief that both Paul and Peter were imprisoned here.

We're flying in on a Monday ... and we will be staying with friends in Paris until Thursday. On Friday we're going to embark on another {at this time} unknown adventure.
Yesterday our friends sent us an email of possible places we could travel to for that weekend. Here is what he said..

-WWII DDay beaches in Normandy and war memorials/cemeteries
-a B&B and some simple exploration in a cute little village in some unknown French village
-touring a (or some) chateau(s) [old really big houses and/or castles]
-visiting a French vineyard
-Mont Saint Michel
-Palace of Versailles
-Giverny (Monet's gardens and house)
-Gaelic Ruins in Brittany
-Champagne (region and the beverage)
-wine/cheese tasting
-French Alps
How will I ever decide? 

I am also going to try to make good use of the week and a half off before the trip ... time that I will also be off work! I am working on a list of things I am going to do. I promise to share soon. 

Any suggestions? 
If you have a week and a half off work ... what would you do?  


Carly said...

Gosh! I am so excited for you guys! I am also reading those books and I feel excited that you get to go see where they take place! Please please take lots of notes and get advice on places to see/stay I am making Ryan take me next year! Also if I had a week off I would probably study for the GRE (which you don't need to do). So, get some "boring" things done and enjoy your break! We are going to be working for {basically} the rest of our lives! YAY EUROPE! :)

Pamela said...

mont st michel is really really neat. and the sheep are cute. the loire valley is filled with awesome chateaux (chenonceau is my fave there) if you want to do that sort of thing. monet's house is pretty, i think you could do that as a day trip from paris. orrrr you could def check out versailles as a day trip (that's where i lived!!!! just 2 blocks from the gardens) it is the ultimate in chateaux. the beaches at normandy are historically interesting, but i wouldn't put it in my top 5. carcasonne is neat--very different from anything around here.

really, now that i think about it, i forgot how many neat things i saw in france. feel free to view my france pics via facebook. highly informative i'm sure....

i also love to talk about it.

Shannon said...

versailles! hands down. probably because i love learning everything about marie antoinette.

i would also love to spend the day at an outdoor french cafe. somewhere off the beaten path...

jenna said...

oh my gosh rach! you are going to get to take so many good pictures! i want to go so bad! :)

touring castles sounds pretty wonderful and I would give my arm to go see that prison where the disciples were!

Courtney said...

Wow! That's awesome girl! You guys are going to have a blast! What a perfect vacation to take with your husband! I'm a little jealous I won't lie!

(PS: I never answered your question on an earlier blog comment you left. About owning a small business (PS That's not nosy at all!!!!)
I own a printing company franchise, and I work from home doing it. We do business cards, mailers, and pretty much any business/ personal printing for companies in Lexington, Louisville, and all the surrounding small towns! It's totally random, but I enjoy doing it! haha~!)

Anonymous said...

You absolutely must go visit Mont-St-Michel !!!!!
I went last summer and it is remarkable!!