Friday, April 30, 2010

under construction

Happy Friday!
I love this cheery room. Anyone else with me? 
I'm usually not a huge fan or orange, but I have really been enjoying the turquoise and orange combos out there lately.

This is an exciting weekend for so many reasons...

Most importantly being ... E is running his first FULL MARATHON on Sunday! I am so so proud of him. He has been training and disciplining his body for months ... I know that he will do amazingly well. Now, I am just praying for no rain.

 Since he will be running, we're going to spend the whole weekend in Cincinnati. We're going to get a chance to visit both of our families - treat! 

One other amazing thing about the race being in Cincy is the outlets. On Saturday afternoon I am heading straight for the JCrew outlet. My sweet husband bought my a gift card there as a little treat for getting my new job. His only stipulation is that I have to buy something to wear for my first day. I think I can handle that ... I could literally buy everything there. 

This is also an exciting time, because last night E booked our flights from France to Italy. We're going to Europe ... we're really doing it. Now that those are booked, we know exactly which cities we'll be in. Next step ... book hotels. Actually, I haven't really been looking at many hotels. I've seemed to be drawn to the guest houses.  

A couple other things on the weekend run down ...

1. Celebrate my brother's girlfriends birthday
2. Eat Skyline
3. Maybe visit with Baby James
4. Make pom poms with my little sister

...and whatever else I find myself getting into...

One other thing that I would really love your all's help on ... the new blog design. Please please please shower me with your thoughts and suggestions. 

I loved the name "All Things New," but I was thinking that it would be a good move to make my jewelry line and blog more unified. 

What do you think?
Is this a good move?

{Also, just so you know, the content of the blog is not going to change in the least. I am still going to write about all kinds of random crap!}

How do you feel about the doilies?
Classic or too plain?
Do you love the write or should I add some color?

I want to add a splash of color through putting some of my jewelry on the doilies. I picture a bright pair of small studs sitting on the center doily. Oh if only I was better at using Illustrator.

I think that even if I go back to the name "All Things New" I will stick with the doilies. I really love doilies. 

I am not a business or marketing lady at all ... but they say that "branding" your product is important. So ... I need your help!

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Savannah said...

Hope you guys didn't get too wet today at the race! Our apartment was right by part of the race and I felt so bad driving past all the tired and wet running people... I'm sure your time with family and jcrew made it all worth it :) have a great week
(love the new design!)