Monday, October 3, 2011

baby food and thoughts on working / staying home

Happy Monday Bloggers! 
Sweet little P is napping right now, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to check in. 
There's not a lot new going on here ... we're mostly trying to enjoy the wonderful Fall temperatures.
This past weekend we were able to spend a lot of time outside ... and I'm really thankful for that. We participated in the Buddy Walk, attended a surprise sweet 16 (where there was guitars, singing, and bonfires), and ate a lot of bar-b-q in the great outdoors.
It was a little chilly in Lexington this weekend, but today the weather is absolutely perfect. I'm thinking about running a couple errands after P wakes up, and maybe even sneaking in a trip to the arboretum. 

Have I mentioned that I love my days off with him?
I love that I'm the one that gets to teach him things, cuddle with him, and watch him grow. I am also thankful for the wonderful childcare that we have on the days when I do have to work. 
 My heart is still torn about whether or not I could stay at home everyday. Right now working part-time is the perfect balance for our family, but when I look into the future I'm not sure how my career and motherhood will collide. 
Currently, staying at home full-time isn't an option since Eric is in graduate school.
However, I still wonder ... how do women make the decision to stay at home or work ...
I can see if you hate your job wanting to stay at home, but what if you actually enjoy and feel called to your job?
How do you make the choice between being called to your work and being called at home?
I'm sure it has to be a difficult decision for some. I would love to hear from anyone out there who enjoyed, or even felt called to their job - but decided to stay at home.

I know all of this is planning way to far in the future, but I can't help my mind from wondering ... what will it be like when Eric is finished with school ... when I have the option ... will I continue to work?

My mind also wonders how people do it ... financially I mean. I understand how wives of doctors or lawyers stay at home, but I wonder the average family does it. I'm especially curious about families who are in full-time ministry (since that's what Eric is currently doing). How do you make the sacrifices? Where do you make the cuts? What is "enough" to live on? 

As with other things in life, I know that I must wait on the Lord's timing ... and enjoy where we are for right now.

Anyways, I didn't plan on writing everything above ... it just kind of came out.  
What I did plan on sharing was my new adventures in the world of making homemade baby food. 
I've been having a lot of fun researching and whipping up some homemade treats for my little man. 
The only problem is ... he doesn't seem to view this as treats. 
He's been a little stinker when it comes to trying new things. He's so hit or miss. 
I can feed him one thing one day and he'll eat it great, and then the next time I try he seals his lips and cry.

The next thing in parenting that is unpredictable ... 
I should predict that things are going to be unpredictable by now!!

I'm not sure if it's my timing or if he's truly not a fan of my cooking :)
Or maybe he's just adjusting to eating solids.
Please email me  or comment if you have any tips on introducing solids ... I'd love to hear any of your "tricks." 

 Here are a few snapshots from my new hobby:




Just in case you're curious ...
I did the math and it would've cost me approx. $14.00 to buy this much organic jarred baby food ... and this butternut squash only cost $2!!!

Crazy savings, huh?


Michael & Joe Joe said...

Well, I wont say too much about my experience with adventuring into solid foods the last time because I dont want to discourage you! But after that experience I read a lot and found some alternative mindsets to baby feeding I may try this time around that seem more relaxed such as waiting to introduce solids until they show an interest in food, not just starting out with completely bland foods (i.e. cereals) and instead very flavorful and spiced foods. I've even considered not doing solids really all that much until she's very interested and grown a little more and can do some good gnawing and chewing on her own, then giving her soft chunks of food (small cooked carrots etc.) Haha but I definitely dont know all that much to be honest because a lot depends on their personality and if they just want to eat or not. Some kids are better eaters than others. So I'm praying E is a better eater than S was!! But I'm willing to bet that either way, its not your cooking :) He'll come around and will start wanting that wholesome grub you make him!

domecfam said...

We have made many financial sacrifices for me to stay home with Braylen-and soon baby #2. We don't have car payments or the biggest house and we don't go on a ton of vacations. It has been hard but I will tell you that it has been the most amazing experience. Completely having to rely and trust that the Lord will provide everything-food, diapers, gas, etc. It's pretty crazy. We raise Guy's salary as he works in full-time missions so I understand your fears. I have learned to be creative with money-selling on ebay, research with P&G, catering here and there....

I know that it is not always an option for some mom's but I am thankful that Guy wants me to stay home to raise our family.

You have a cute little family! Good luck with baby foods!