Friday, August 28, 2009

will you be my bridesmaid?

I am already a married lady, but if I wasn't I would totally make these! Absolutely adorable!
Click here for the step by step.

Happy Friday to you all! I have a busy weekend planned. E is in a wedding tomorrow, so we will be attending the rehearsal after work. The rehearsal dinner is at Malone's & I am super excited to chow down there! Also, on Saturday I will be joining my good friend Katie's yard sale. I love purging and throwing away stuff, so I hope everything sells! If you're in town, stop by and see us! To top it all off, my friend Shannon is staying with us for the weekend! What a treat :) It's going to be a busy, but very fun weekend!

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MW said...

Those are just adorable, too bad I don't have any weddings to plan.