Tuesday, August 25, 2009

jumping through hoops

This week I start the last semester of my life. I thought this day would never come. I have three classes left of graduate school. In other words, I have three more hoops to jump through!

I am not a huge lover of school, but I am ready to get this show on the road! I always love the Christmas season, however, this year will be extra special. I will be a free woman! No more classes or practicum hours (aka working for free). I love the time I have spent at the Chrysalis House, but I will not miss the 60 hour work weeks. I am very eager to see where God leads me after I have that diploma in my hand!

These hoops are more fun than the ones I am about to jump through
If you are looking for a cheap way to add a little excitement to a sad looking wall, then these embroidery hoops are what you're looking for! This is a very inexpensive way to add a little art in your life. With the variety of patterns and arrangements, the possibilities are endless.


Shannon said...

i have never seen those before. or maybe i have and i just don't remember them. but i LOVE them! so pretty!

Elizabeth said...

Cute craft! I'm going to try this!

cory said...

glad you are almost done with school! you can move home now!
also, i am definitely making those hoops for my house!

Jen said...

i'm with cory! i'm stealing this idea. i think that the one with the fabric & hoops as a bulletin board are my fave. i would love that in the new office {once i have one}.

OH & don't move home without me...which won't be for YEARS! DON'T LEAVE ME!

Rachel said...

Cory & Jen,
Maybe one day we'll be reunited :) Cory, your task is finding Eric a job!!