Tuesday, August 4, 2009

time theft

Yesterday, a co-worker and I were posting flyers for a research study our office conducts. While posting a flyer at the goodwill, we browsed the store for any hidden treasures.

Some may call this time theft -- I like to think of it as multitasking. Working full-time and being a full-time graduate student has helped me master the skill of multi-tasking. For a small fee I can also teach you this finely tuned skill.

Here are some of my thrift-store finds:

A lovely gray dress

A night stand for my guest bedroom (currently under construction)

Then, I added these green glass knobs

And last but not least- a sparkly necklace

All of this for less than $30.00
Happy Thrifting


Jen said...

i love all of those thrifty finds....goodwill sure did treat you right. and best of all...you got paid to find cute things!

i also thought you'd like this dwight inspired quote:

Dwight Schrute: Someone forged medical information, and that's a felony.

Jim Halpert: OK, Whoa, all right 'cause that's a pretty intense accusation. How do you know that they're fake?

Dwight Schrute: [reading from a sheet] Uh, Leprosy, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Hot Dog Fingers, Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection.

Rachel said...

thanks jen! i love the quote...it made me happy on this rainy day. one other thing that made me happy was when i googled dwight, pictures of jim dressed up as dwight appeared "identity theft."