Thursday, August 27, 2009

made for walkin'

If there was one thing I wanted for the Fall, it was a pair of flat riding boots! Every pair I found was at least $150. I couldn't find anything that was cheaper & still the look I was going for. Until last night, when these boots walked into my life. Ok maybe they didn't walk into my life, maybe I walked into Target! Whatever the case, I love them and they were surely not as pricey! Fall is my favorite season & it will be ever sweeter this year with these lovelies on my feet!

On a side note, during my trip to Target, I picked up a dog toy for Stella. On the tag it said "Pet toy shall be taken away if tears, seams open or other damage is detected." All I can say is they have not met my little Stells. To her, tearing toys open is playing with them - duh!

1 comment:

Holly said...

Rach! I saw those boots at Target too! I LOVED them. If I'm gonna be cold, might as well be cute!!!