Sunday, August 16, 2009

snapshots from the cucina

It is officially Sunday night, which means the weekend is coming to a close. E & I had an event filled weekend. I took off on Friday and we went on a mini adventure to the Cincinnati Zoo. I hope to post some pictures tomorrow. We also had to opportunity to spend the night at his parents in Ohio & visit with his Grandma who is 92 (I think?). On our way home we stopped at IKEA! I picked up this bed frame that I have had my eye on for some time.. I also found a simple white quilt for the spare bedroom I am in the process of revamping. When we arrived back in Lexington, we got suited up for the Mid Summer Night's Run. This is E & I's second year running the race and we both beat our previous times! I started running last summer and have truly grown to love it. (notice the word "grown" ... there is hope for you) The Mid Summer Night's Run last year was my first race & I have ran in four other races since then. I hope to post some running tips soon. Today, E left to go on a golf trip with his dad. I hope to get lots of crafty projects done during his time away! While catching up on some R&R this afternoon I snapped a couple pictures from our kitchen. I hope you enjoy the details. The kitchen is a room I hope to renovate next year, once I save up some cash. Thanks to the blog Urban Grace Interiors, my creative juices are flowing. My inspiration can be found here.

Ok, enough rambling, here are some close ups from our cucina...

A spider plant grown from a split off of one in my office

Ansel Adams photos framed from an old calendar

Every kitchen needs some dog treats

Fun salt & pepper (I don't feel like I should call the shakers, but I don't know what else to call them) from my good friend Lu

A table runner I found at the Pottery Barn outlet

I display cook books, magazines, and recipes on this plate holder I bought at the dollar store

Last but not least
My favorite thing in the kitchen:


I will leave you with the classic head tilt
Happy Weekend!


Shannon said...

i miss that sweet head tilt.
and i can't wait to sleep in your house in a few weeks. the countdown is on!


Lucianne said...

rach, thanks for the running inspiration. i think i will go now. please post tips asap. i still have not grown to even "like" status. see you tonight.

jenna said...

thats my favorite salt and pepper thing EVER. :) i love it. i know i've told you that before...

Anonymous said...

Please share, where did you get the salt and pepper dishes and are they still available?

Rachel said...

The salt & pepper shakers are from pottery barn. You can find them here|20|||0|||||||salt%20and%20pepper&cm_src=SCH

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I'll check out pottery barn.