Thursday, August 20, 2009

get creative & earn cash

Last week my good friend Angie informed me that anything you buy at the Habitat ReStore and revamp can earn you $25 store credit. All that they require is that you bring in before and after pictures.

So what did I do?? Snapped some photos of the brass chandelier I purchased for $1 and took them to the habitat store for $25 credit! I'll admit I was a little skeptical that they would actually give me a $25 credit when I only spent $1 on the chandelier, but it worked!

I apologize - these pictures aren't the best
(the office remodel is still in the beginning stages)

Before After

The $25 credit can be used at the warehouse locations & the furniture store!

Considering I bought 4 chandeliers for $1 each ... I may never have to spend another penny at the ReStore!

After the office & spare bedroom are complete ... I am thinking about heading back to the ReStore and implementing this idea somewhere in the house


Jen said...

yay chandeliers! AND free stuff. no wonder we're friends.

cory said...

this is awesome! after i saw your last blog where you mentioned the habitat restore i looked it up...there isn't one here :(