Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lions & tigers & bears oh my!

That is what E & I saw on our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo last week! Seeing the animals was great, but even better was the quality time we were able to spend together!

Our first stop on the trip was lunch at Skyline Chili...yum..then we were off t
o the zoo.

Here are a few of the things we saw:

This guy was picking up hay with his trunk & eating it. The little girl next to me kept yelling "stop sweeping the floor you stupid elephant!"
Mud baths anyone? This insect looks exactly like a leaf! I bet you thought it was a leaf - didn't you? All I could think is how amazingly creative God is!

Up close & personal

Maybe this is where the phrase cat nap came from
We were able to see these guys during their feeding. They would stand up and clap before the trainers would throw their fruit in!
Not as sweet as the coke commercials makes them out to be. He does look like he's smiling here though!

My favorite animal of the day

I bought these peacock feathers from the gift shop

I did not steal them from this bird - although he is missing a few!

Fun times...

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Rondell said...

That bear gettin heself a lil' bit o shade ain't he? LOL