Monday, August 10, 2009

canine hippies

Just thought I should share... Stella & I adventured out to the dog park this evening and we saw a dog that looked like this
It's a dog with dreads- also known as a "puli"
Stella and I made a much needed trip to the dog park to release some pent up energy. Stella is currently what I like to call "behind bars." This means that she is in trouble and has to spend the day in her crate.

What could an adorable dog like her possibly be in trouble for?

Let me tell you- chewing a whole in the drywall. Yes she did! And this is not the first time.
E and I have already patched the walls two times!

big wholes in the drywall = a day behind bars

Please comment if you have any other humorous or maybe not so humorous dog stories. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone :) Also, please feel free to offer any advice you may have in regards to how to get a dog to stop chewing holes in your walls! Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Goodnight from Stella and I


MW said...

I was watching Meg's dog Timmy while she was in California. He was a little neurotic and hated being left alone. He always left his mark when we left so we put him on the screened in porch. We were only gone about an hour and when we got back all the cushions on the porch furniture was chewed into bits. It looked like a disaster area. He looked up at us and said, see, I told you not to leave me .

Lucianne said...

the kanes use aluminum foil - supposedly dogs don't like to attack that. maybe put that up in problem spots?

Shannon said...

i know why she did it...she is sad that her aunt shan is in SC. i'll come up today. that will fix the problem pronto.


Randi said...

once i dog sat a dog that required diapers.. not just as a peace of mind thing, but in an actual "I'm-changing-doggie-diapers-there-are-no-words" kind of way. for an entire week i decided i no longer loved dogs. that's before i discovered the majestic bernese mountain dog.