Friday, August 21, 2009

postmarked with love

I just wanted to share with these vintages treasures I stumbled upon this afternoon....

All of these postcards are straight out of the 50's. Ohh Marilyn - you made my Friday!

I know that the bottom postcard doesn't quit "go," but I simply couldn't resist. I love the London taxi driver and the classy poodle. I love using postcards or old calendar photos as cheap artwork. You can really find some unique pieces when you recycle things.

I think I have made my final decision on the window treatments for the office, but I would love to hear some of your opinions.
This is what I have landed on

Here are a couple pictures from the room so you can visualize the spaceI am hoping that this weekend I will get around to adding molding around the painted chalkboard & pretty glass knobs to the desk. The office is coming along slowly but surely!

Please let me know your questions, comments, or concerns you have about the fabric! If you have any other textile ideas, copy me a link!
Thanks friends


Brittney said...

Hi Rachel - I really like that blue fabric :) But I do have a question: are you going to pull bits of blue in other areas of the room (knobs, acessories, etc.) b/c with the green details on the desk it makes me think you should do a white fabric with a green print on it (green the color of the flowers)? Hm. And red and green are complement colors so they make each other pop. Either way, the blue fabric is very stylish and you can really decorate so I know it will be precious in the end!!! Thanks for the picture - it's fun to see your work in progress (p.s. the bathroom remodel was AMAZING)Keep the decor tips coming!

Jen said...

i really like the fabric A LOT! i can definitely visualize it in there. hopefully stella won't eat the bottom of your beautiful new drapes!

brittany makes a good point about the green accessories on the desk not really going with the blue & red. I know what you've done with the windows etc. being blue so maybe you swap out those green items & put them in the kitchen?

went to the restore today. bought nothing but ben REALLY wants this mirror he found. we're waiting on a sale.


cory said...

i love the fabric!!

Shannon said...

pretty fabric rach! i am keeping a lookout for anything that i see that has that color on it so i can tell you! very pretty! i can't wait to see it this weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Since the walls are a dark color, I like the idea of using a lighter colored window treatment. I am not sure about red and blue together, though, although I am not super fashionable. I'm sure you can pull it off as you often do surprising and creative combinations I would never think of and then they look fabulous!