Wednesday, August 26, 2009

flat iron steak

One of my favorite nights of the week is Tuesday. Every Tuesday E and I have "date night." With our crazy schedules, it has been such a blessing to have this time each week. Last night we had an "at home date." Sometimes staying home for the night is better then any classy restaurant. I feel like I am becoming more and more of a homebody all the time. Can anyone relate?

Last night E and I enjoyed a little surf and turf! I didn't take any pictures because E did the grilling, and raw meat is not very appetizingg anyways! Our meal was delicious. E brought home fresh shrimp from SC. Another thing I did not want to post pictures of - peeling shrimp! Peeling shrimp is also not very appetizing.

E told me that he bought the shrimp "from a man with a stand at a gas station." I was a li
ttle skeptical, but I ate them anyway because I love seafood. I am not sick...yet.

We also grilled flat iron steak for the first time. I have never bought this cut of meat before, but I will definitely purchase it again. Flat iron steak is much cheaper than many other cuts of meat, and I thought the taste was just as good! I only paid $6.00 for a cut that was a little over a pound (it was plenty for the two of us). If you are trying to save some cash (who isn't these days) and you would still like a nice meal, then I recommend the flat iron steak!

Flat iron steak is packaged like this in the grocery
This is how you should slice itI know I said I didn't want to post any pictures of raw meat! So sorry! I wanted you to know what to look for.

E and I also worked on the chalkboard in our office. I will spare you the details. Let's just say it didn't go well. Things went down hill we noticed that our walls are not flat. E wants it to look perfect, but I'm about to get out the caulk and call it quits! Once we fix it I promise to post some pictures.

To relieve some stress, E and I adventured out to Sonic for some cherry limeades! They hit the spot!

All in all, it was a great date night! I highly recommend setting aside time each week to simply be together. I know it's so easy to get busy and come up with excuses about why you can't make the time, but in my opinion it has been very valuable in our marriage!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't forget to set aside time to spend with the people you care about the most!

By the way, wish my luck this evening as I go to my night class. It has officially began!


Jen said...

yum to shrimp. yum to steak. flat irons are delicious. i want to make that exact meal soon {but have no grill}!

sorry about your chalkboard. i hope it wasn't the picture frame fiasco all over again! i'm sure it will look precious once complete.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, those flat iron steaks are awesome. Ian and I get them all the time. Besides grilling, we like to slice it up, sprinkle it with garlic salt and pepper, and sautee it with olive oil and onion, then eat it over noodles. Its is quick and delicious!

Julie said...

I love date night!! Ours is Saturday because YL stuff usually takes over most of the week. I love feeling that we are still in love and making time to just "be together."

Can't wait to see you SO SOON!

Brittney said...

Man, I am such a sucker for cherry limeades. Yum-o!