Tuesday, August 25, 2009

feeling a little sappy

Tonight I finished a Nicholas Sparks book and as a result I am feeling a little sappy. I think Nicholas Sparks books are self-induced misery. I know they're going to break my heart in the end, but I am compelled to keep reading anyway. I am really not sure why I put myself through it! Anyways, finishing this book has left me feeling a little warm and fuzzy. In response to this feeling, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorite pictures from our love day!!

All pictures were captured by my cousin Meg. She does great work. Check her out here.


Brittney said...

These photos are precious :) Thanks for sharing!! And while I was doing work from home (stuffing envelopes and labeling flyers -perfect for a SAHM) I 'watched' or rather listened to the Notebook on DVD. Us girls, we just keep going back for more sap!

Shannon said...

i LOVED your wedding!!! such good memories! and you put all of us girls in the prettiest little dresses! so fun!

love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding a link to my facebook site. I just did another wedding last weekend! So much fun! -Meg