Wednesday, August 12, 2009

jazzed up windows

Like I said in an earlier post, when E and I remodeled the bathroom we removed the window and added built-ins in it's place.

Thankfully, I did not throw the window away. I hate clutter and love to throw things away! I must have saw potential in these old windows.

Unfortunately, I did not take any "before" pictures. This project began before my blogging adventures! I'm not sure they are necessary though - everyone knows what a window looks like right?

This is a super cheap project for all of you who a
re budget friendly. I did not have to pay anything for my windows, however I know that they can be purchased somewhere like the Habitat ReStore for only a couple dollars. I love the Habitat ReStore. If you stop by every now and then you can find some real treasures for practically nothing!

I recently bought a "handful" of chandeliers that I am going to spray paint! E was not happy when he came home and saw pile of brass in our living room. He sees these things as trash. I think he lacks seeing the potential :) Many of the chandeliers only cost $1. How could I pass them up? Once they are hung I promise to post some pictures! Upon seeing this pile of brass, E said "can you have too many chandeliers in your house?" The obvious answer to that question is no!

Ok, so back to the windows. I spray painted them and added fun glass knobs. I also rubbed a little shoe polish on them to add a weathered effect. While I do love the glass knob collection at Anthropologie, I don't always love their prices! I found a decent knob selection at Hobby Lobby. The knobs I chose were only $2.00 each. Not bad!

Here is a sneak peak of the finished product

Here is anther set I painted teal
Stella's dog crate is directly below the teal windows, so I cannot hang anything from them. Any suggestions on how to spice them up a little bit?

Notice the little teal chair in the living room picture.
I also spray painted that while I was at it!

windows - free
spray paint - $4.99 (2 cans)
knobs - $2.00 each
shoe polish - $2.00
Total - $20.00

Tomorrow I will post some other creative uses for knobs! Happy Wednesday!


MW said...

Very original.It's great to make old things new again.I like to think about all the life that happened around the objects through the years. If you look hard that window can tell you a story.

Holly said...

rachel! you did such a good job! Having a big window with blown up pictures in it is one of my dreams! I need to go to this habitat place you are talking about!!!!