Saturday, August 8, 2009

this better be the only shower that cat ever gets

I'm sure many of you have heard of & attended baby or bridal showers, but who has heard of a cat shower? I know I never had until last week (that might be because they didn't exist until last week).

A little explanation:
My co-worker and office mate took the plunge and decided to get a cat last week. At my office, we thought it was only appropriate to throw him a "cat shower."

The shower was fantastic & I think the new kitten will enjoy all the treats and toys.

For your curiosity:

The most fitting gift of the shower was A bottle of cat shampoo

Some families have a history of alcoholism, gambling, gossip, or debt. My co-worker's family has a history of cat bathing.

In good humor I bought him
a bottle of cat shampoo. In response to my gift, another co-worker of mine gave a little lecture which ended in the quote "this better be the only shower this cat ever gets."

Ohh, there is so much humor in life! I hope you take time to enjoy your life this weekend, be silly, and laugh!

Since I was absolutely sure you all would stop reading my blog after this crazy post, I found some other showers to spark your interest and keep your commitment.

Other showers I enjoy

May you be showered with good gifts and company this weekend


Pamela said...

whoever had this idea is obviously brilliant!!!

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