Tuesday, September 15, 2009

those who are given much

A funny thing happened the other day. I posted a few lovely photos under the title "country fresh." I felt good about the post. I felt that each photo was crisp, clean, and full of design potential. I hoped that they would strike a cord of creativity with a fellow blogger. After publishing the post, I went through my iPhoto library. I didn't even have any reason to look through the old pictures, maybe a walk down memory lane, or maybe I thought an old picture would be an inspiration for a future post. However, while I was looking looking the archives, these photos nearly jumped off the screen.

I took these photos about a year a half ago during a trip to Costa Rica.
This is someones bathroom.
This is someones home.

I felt shocked by the degree in which I have been blessed. I also felt a deep sense of conviction. If you're a design junkie like me, you can relate when I say that I spend a great deal of time thinking about my home and the updates I hope to make someday. I love searching blogs for design gems, simply because it is one of my passions. Now don't get me wrong, I think design and remodeling is a gift. I believe that a creative mind is a blessing from God. However, the conviction I felt came from the realization that all of my design aspirations are for my own self gain. I hope to find a way to incorporate this passion of mine into helping those in need. I feel like God has given me this desire...now I am left with the question...how can I use it to glorify Him? I believe that He could use my creativity for much greater things than I could ever imagine.


bluehydrangea said...

I love this post! I sometimes find it hard to justify spending money on my home when others need so much. and days when I am complaining I think of all the people who would love to have my problems. Thanks for the reality check. I think as long as we help others a little bit of frivolousness is OK.

Anonymous said...

You work hard for what you have and it is a good thing to surround yourself with things that make you happy and create rooms that reflect your personality. It is wonderful to create beauty. You share your time and help others all the time so enjoy your home.Even cave men decorated their caves, we all love beauty. I get your point though, we are truly lucky to live in America.