Thursday, September 10, 2009

no sew window treatments

So I have lived in my house for over a year now and up until last weekend, all the windows in the house were bare and sad looking. I am a little bit of a snob and couldn't find anything in the stores that I liked. However, I am a snob on a tight budget, and I couldn't afford to pay a seamstress to custom make them. End of the story, I have stepped out there and am making my own. I have mentioned earlier that I am redoing our laundry room aka Stella's room. I do not have any before pictures of the room, however, if you can invision a boring room with nothing but a dog crate and a velvet chair covered in golden retriever fur (sick huh?) then you've got the right idea. Oh and how could I forget, the lovely dated brass light fixture (another sick). Since I am doing a full overhaul on that room, I tackled these window treatments first.

I have a sewing machine, however, I have rarely used it, and I am initially intimidated by threatening the I opted for the no-sew option. I once made a pillow and it took me longer to tread the machine than make the pillow.

First, I found out the exact height I needed. Then I pinned the fabric to the appropriate height.

Carson was very intrigued by the fabric. I was just praying that she wouldn't snag it.

Then, I used a fusible bonding material "stitch witchery." You simply put the bonding agent between the two pieces of fabric, iron, and ta-da!

Next, I used clips to attached the panels to the curtain rod. I know this whole process isn't the classiest...don't judge me! Like I said I am on a budget & although I aspire to be, I am currently not a skilled seamstress.

Finished product:I will post soon about the overhaul of the room!


Holly said...

Rach! they look great! I LOVE the fabric!!!

Anne said...

This looks great! I really like the fabric too. I have been wanting to do window treatments for various parts of my house but I have windows in wierd places, like corners so I'm not quite sure what to do - I may enlist your help! Also, is this the same room that used to have the dog crate in it???

Rachel said...

I would love to help you :) And... yes, this is the same looks a lot better doesn't it? I wish I would have taken before pictures!

Cassie R. said...

Rachel those look great! I know how to use my sewing machine and still find myself reaching for the stich witch! It's so easy and looks so nice! You did a great job!

Anne said...

In the post you said it was the same room but I had to double check because it looks so different - I will have to come over and see it! And seriously - if you are interested I would love some ideas for my windows =)

Jen said...

so pretty rach! love 'em!

Rachel said...

Feel free to send me some pictures and I will think of ideas!

Cory said...

love them! im totally going to do this!

Shannon said...

they look so great rach! can't wait to see them soon (in person).

i'm sure stell bell is extremely happy with her new classy curtains :)