Friday, September 25, 2009

something made new

Happy Friday blogger friends.
I thought I would share with you all a little project I've done lately. I purchased this desk on Craigslist. This was my first Craigslist purchase ever! I put a couple fresh coats of white paint on this sad desk, added glass knobs (you know they're my weakness), and ta-da ... my fun and lovely new desk!

What do you think?

Did you notice the chalkboard? As I mentioned in an earlier post, things went South with E and I's initial attempt. Oh to be a fly on our wall that night! Thankfully, E persevered and it is now complete!

I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for what to write on it. I always see fun quotes of inspiration on chalkboards in the Pottery Barn magazine.

Any suggestions?

On another note, last night I watched the premier of Flash Forward. I am a fan! I will be tuning in weekly. What I did did not enjoy from the good old tv this week, was Jay Leno's interview with Pee Wee Herman. I was so disturbed after watching. What in the world? {E and I had a debate of who would be scarier to be in a room with - Pee Wee Herman or Marilyn Manson?} Did anyone else see this? Being a mental health person, my mind has been racing with all of the possible reasons for his pathology! If you also saw this, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Jen said...

don't tell me what happened...i DVR-ed! {flash forward...not jay leno}

the desk, of course, looks fantastic!! and the chalkboard, while being a challenge looks great too. if i could touch chalk i'd write..."seek first the kingdom" that's what i need to be reminded of!


Anne said...

That desk looks awesome! I am so impressed. I have yet to paint any furniture, I am scared that I will ruin it, but the paint job looks great!

Anne said...

P.S. I know I asked you long ago for your inspriation for curtains. I am going to try to send you pictures this weekend :)

Rachel said...

That sounds great! I can excited to see them!

Kallia's Wonderland said...

Ouaou!!! I have this obsession to make a new from an old too!!! The blackboard is fabulous...:DD

Adrianna said...

The desk looks great! I can't wait to paint mine. Who doesn't have a weekness for pretty glass knobs?!