Monday, September 7, 2009

r & r at the b & b

This weekend I planned a surprise overnight for E and I. I told you I had some fun plans, but unfortunately I couldn't share until now, because like I said, it was a surprise. E and I took a mini road trip and spent the night at the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, KY. The Beaumont Inn is a restored women's college from the 1800's that has been converted into a bed and breakfast. We had a wonderful time! It was so nice to get away and catch up on some r & r.
Here are some snapshots from our trip...

yes, the sign is crooked - for some reason this makes me happy
this crooked sign reminds me that life can have its imperfections and still be very good

the building we stayed in
chocolate covered strawberries...yumm...
a glimpse of the scenery
our room

The b & b was full of antique treasures. Here is a glimpse at a few of them...

I loved the little bows on the chandelier in the ladies room

radiator heaters

I know you cannot read it, but this is a letter of receipt. The receipt was for two women's tuition. The tuition was a grand total of $15. Can you only imagine?

phone booth
E and I don't have cable television in our house. Usually I feel really good about this decision, however, this weekend I thought "how crazy am I?" There are only four letters that led me to question my sanity...HGTV. Second to my loving husband, one of my favorite parts was laying in bed watching HGTV. I guess if I had cable and did that every weekend, it wouldn't be as special...i guess...

Hope your Labor Day weekend was everything you hoped it would be. If you are ever looking for an overnight getaway, I highly recommend the Beaumont Inn. If you go, you must try the corn meal batter cakes with brown sugar syrup. They're their specialty for reason!


Brittney said...

What a fun time!! I'm with ya on the no cable thing - we don' thave it either so when we get to watch it it's like Christmas morning :) Bittersweet. You save time at home b/c you're not stuck in front of the TV but then again, sometimes you want to be stuck in front of HGTV. hehehe. Have a great Tuesday!

Jen said...

oh rach! that place is beautiful! can't wait to hear about more details.

you free for lunch this week? chat me!

Shannon said...

sounds so fun! i found this place when i worked for the wedding planner. it is so pretty isn't it?

can't wait to hear all about it. i'll call you this week! i miss you.

got your email. come visit me for sure! that weekend works for me! love love!