Friday, September 18, 2009

do not get pregnant

I thought the title of this post might evoke a strong emotion in some readers!
Let's not spread any rumors now. However, I have heard the word pregnant a lot lately.

I believe that I have made the decision, and I am going to go on accutane. Upon making the decision yesterday, I went home and read the little book they give you describing every possible side effect. Talk about freaking someone out!

I am a little nervous about starting the medication, but in the end, I think I will be happy that I did it. What do you all think? If you or anyone you know has taken accutane please let me know your impressions! I would really appreciate any feedback...thanks blog stalkers. I know I can always depend on you :)


Jen said...

i've heard great things about the long-term effects. like that once you've been on it your acne {for life} is pretty much cleared up.

i've also heard that it does some crazy things to your body while you're on it that aren't favorable. like that it dries you out really badly. i know when my brother was on it his nose would bleed all the time because his sinuses were so dry & he'd have to put vasoline on his nose and mouth at night because everything would be so chapped. {i'm sure he'd be thrilled that i'm sharing this}. and you're better not get pregnant! not good for babes!

AND i'm sure you've talked to your dermatologist about this but i think it only works well on certain types of acne. when i was having lots of break-outs they told me that mine were all surface-y & hormone-driven {imagine me & hormones...who knew?} so that acutane would be best for me.

Jen said...

on that last sentence i meant - would NOT be best for me. {meaning that it is good for some types of acne but not all}

Anonymous said...

Have you tried pro-active it worked for me and several of my friends.

Anonymous said...

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