Sunday, September 13, 2009

apple festival

Yesterday, E's parents came to Lexington for a visit. While they were in town we visited Evan's Orchard for their annual Apple Festival. At the festival we indulged in a few delicious Fall treats! We ate everything made of apple that you could imagine...fried apple pies, caramel apples, apple cider, and just plain apples. While I was there, I also picked up some local peaches, honey, and a bag of kettle corn. I did not purchase any of the squash. I'm not sure how to cook acorn or butternut squash. If you have a recipe - please share! I'm thinking I will pick up some squash when we return in October for the pumpkin picking.

Here are a couple snapshots from our day at the festival...

I love this last picture. Stella is totally smiling because she had such a fun day! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine.

Although I am totally exhausted from a long night of slip n slides, {yes, we created a HUGE slip n slide at church tonight} and would love to go to sleep, I am going to catch up on some of my homework for the week. Only three more months to go and I will be grad-u-ated!! It's not like I'm counting down or anything!

{Short tangent} After the orchard, I put Stella on her chain in the front yard bc the weather was so nice. While she was hanging out in the front yard, our four year old neighbor came over to play with her. While our neighbor was running in circles and Stella was running after her, our sweet little neighbor asked me a question. She said "Do you know why Stella likes me so much?" Then she said, "It's because I have so many dresses!" Adorable! Little girls are so sweet!

Alright, I really am going to do some homework this time. I am officially saying goodbye to the weekend & goodnight to you fellow bloggers!


Brittney said...

What a fun way to get excited about fall!!! And your mom looks just like you :) hehehe. Rachel you are missing out girl!! Acorn and butternut squash are one of my top reasons for being excited for fall. I'll add a butternut squash soup recipe and others as a blog post soon. BUT here's a quick sure to please acorn squash recipe until then. Just buy a acorn squash, cut it in half vertically, seed it, poke holes in the skin, cook flesh side down in a dish with a tad of water and cook in microwave till tender. Say 4 min then check. Plop a dollop of butter, dash of cinnamon, and scoop of brown sugar in the center and nuke for 30 sec. and girl, it's the best fall treat EVER! Sometimes I just eat them for dinner. Butternut squash recipes to come :)

Brittney said...

Whoops, that was your husbands mom. . .you look like her too! But she had glasses on. The picture from your wedding, you look just like your mom. Sorry about the mix up :) Both are gorgeous ladies.

fancy vintage said...

the apple festival sounds like so much fun!! I just love fall festivals! Stella is so cute and what the little girl said is just precious!

Shannon said...

i love me some evan's orchard. i miss it. looks like y'all had a good time. i hope i {we} get to go when i come back to KY.
heart you.