Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Decisions, decisions.

I am usually good about making decisions. I like to make a decision quickly! E and I are total opposites when it comes to this. When he wants to make a large purchase, he goes from store to store for weeks and looks at all of his options. I can't tell you how much time I have stood in a store while E just "looks." I feel bad for the people working there, because he never has any intention on actually buying whatever it is at the store. He almost always makes large purchases online because you can find much better deals.

Not me, I make up my mind quickly and go buy what I need at the first place I find.
I know that there are good and bad to both ways of doing things. 
I am thankful that we can balance each other out in this way. 

Maybe E is rubbing off on me. I have totally stewed over which pair of wellies I want to purchase. I promise that I am not totally superficial. Even saying this makes me feel a little lame. I promise that I do think about more meaningful things in my day. However, I know that if I am going to spend the money on a pair of Hunter boots, then I want to wear them for pratically forever. Therefore, I want to make sure that I am going to get a color that I am going to like for awhile.

So here is what I have narrowed it down to:

graphite gloss

pea green gloss

I know that the green are a little bit more quirky, but I just love them. 

and lastly, the classic
original (non-gloss) green

So what do you think? 

If you were going to buy a pair, what would you pick?

Here is a link to the huge selection that they offer.


Anonymous said...

Like the boots but I probably would pick the brown ones just because I tire of things so quickly and I might get tired of green. Good choice, they will be very practical. I have a pair of coach ones I bought at the end of the season for 79.00 and I wear them all the time, for hiking in mud,walking in the garden and they are great in snow. They will last the rest of my life. Every girl needs a good pair of practical boots.

AmyV123 said...

I have a pair of Wellies and I love them... great for rainy days and snowy days (if you get snow!)

I would pick the pea green gloss color... they are so fun! And while that color is bright... it goes well with brown or black outfits, and meshes will with a variety of other colors-- plum, navy, dark green, etc.

pkzcass said...

I bought my first pair of wellies this winter hoping they'd keep me warm and dry in all the snow we've had, and they have. I got mine from Zappos and paid around $60, which was more than I expected, but I figured they had to be good quality; and they are. I like crazy wellies, so mine are yellow/white/gray/black plaid. They don't really go with anything I own, but I kind of feel that wellies don't need to match whatever you're wearing. Good luck in whatever you choose!

Julie said...

For you I pick the grey because I know you have many things that would actually go with the grey. Plus, you could pretty much wear grey with almost any color.

Also, I'd probably pick the grey for myself too.

Carly said...

Out of your choices I would get the grey ones, it is a good all around color. It goes with black and brown and will never be too flashy (like the bright green ones). I promise I'm not hatin' on the green one I actually really like them but I think in a few years you might want something a bit less flashy. When I buy some, probably next fall I will buy navy because they make really cute socks especially for Hunter boots and a lot of the sock options match the navy boots.

Cory said...

i have wanted a pair of these forever too!! i think the pea green ones are precious (you know how i feel about green) but i would probably end up with the gray. i love them all though!