Thursday, March 11, 2010

laundry adventures

I have so many projects in my head, that the laundry room isn't really my top priority. 
However, I do still love looking at pictures of other people's fresh laundry rooms.

This one is of a basement laundry room. It looks like they used some form of paneled curtain as a divider. I love how it instantly transforms the space into an actual room. 

I also love when people put a table or some form of board over their front loading washer and dryer. Having a little folding station would be such a luxury.

If you're like me and do not have front loading machines, then you could still install a little shelf like this one to add a little storage as well as cuteness.

I would like to add a little wall of hooks to our existing room. My only fear is that it would become another place to store crap that I don't want to put away. I could totally see our hooks sporting like seven hangers each. 

Anyone with me?

I also really like this creative little idea. They turned an old entertainment center into a command station for your laundry room. What a great way to re-use an old piece of furniture that no longer fits or gos in another room. If you don't have anything like this, no fear! I see like a million entertainment centers on Craigs List everyday. All I want are a set of fun nightstands. All I see is entertainment center ... couch ... entertainment center ... couch.


All of the pictures above are easy ways to update your room.

Take a look at these rooms - deluxe!

A little bit more modern than my taste, but still deluxe.


Jen said...

i was already to go out an get a board and some paint to make a folding station table in our laundry room when we moved into our house...before i left for home depot i remembered that i have a top loading washer...duh...

love all the pics!!

Julie said...

OOOOOOO...those pics are tempting my imagination. My laundry room is on the second floor where all of our bedrooms are and I LOVE it so much. I don't have to lug my crap downstairs. I never thought I'd appreciate that...

domecfam said...

our laundry room is in the dungeon, i mean the basement. I am in the process of completely organizing the entire dungeon, I mean basement, and creating a laundry section, storage section and play area for the babe. I don't think that it's been painted for YEARS!