Sunday, March 7, 2010

ain't it good to know - you've got a friend

E and I have the best friends in the world.  Beginning all the way back in high school, we have been blessed with amazing friendships. We have taken many many vacations together, danced at each others weddings, and now we are beginning the phase of being there for the birth of each others first children (not me, yet!) 

I was bored the other day and started looking through all of my facebook pictures. I laughed so hard, and so many memories started coming back to me - I just had to share. Sorry to some of you if any of these pictures are embarrassing :) 

A little trip down memory lane. 

{disclaimer - some of these will only be funny to you if you were there. some will be funny no matter what! Or, at least I think so!}

I started out my freshman year of h.s. with these two lovely ladies. They were then and still are my best friends in the whole world (although I've added a few others along the way)

We started h.s. as wild, rebellious, fun-loving, and without any regard to who God was. As only He does, somewhere between our sophomore and junior years, God dramatically worked in our lives. One of the biggest blessings God has ever given me are these amazing women who love God with all of the lives. I love that our lives changed and transformed together! I cannot imagine how difficult following Christ in h.s. would have been without them!


 I told you that I added a couple of others along the way! At the absolute top of that list would be my amazing friend Shannon. She's on the far right. 
If you can't tell ... this picture is also from h.s. 


 I love this picture! This picture was taken when our Young Life leaders organized a group of our   h.s. Young Life alum. I love this picture, because all of these people were introduced and began a relationship with God because of the time two people dedicated to high schoolers knowing God. It is a good thing to be able to see the fruit of your labor.

After h.s., Shannon, Jen, and I moved down to UK together to start our feshman year of college. We lived together until E and I were married. 

Along the way, we have created friendships with so many other amazing people.
I love that  over the years I have not lost the fellowship I had in high school ... it has only grown.  

We've been able to create so many memories together...


{tacky Christmas sweater parties}

{trips to the beach}



Side note - on this particular trip, the guys were staying down the street. However, they would NEVER leave our apartment and refused to let us come to theirs. Later in the week, we finally visited their place. This is why they would never leave. Once we saw it, then it all made sense. 












{bachelorette parties}



{backpacking trips}

{dressing up in prom/wedding dresses to watch the Ms. America pageant}

{road trips}

{been in bus crashes together - eek}

{stayed up way past our adult bedtimes to play monopoly ... the game that breads hatred} 

 {hung out at Young Life camps}

{prayed and cried together}

{and a few others that simply made me smile}


This pretty much sums up how I feel about my friends


Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are truly blessed, friends are sure a treasure.

Cory said...

this is my favorite post ever! i love you dearly :)

jenna said...

definitely favorite post ever. :) there are SO many things...i loved the sea turtle spring break! had to be the best. i love the last picture and all the assortments of faces, i love megans face in the backpacking one. and i love the one of us from the roadtrip where you slept for like 3 days straight or something crazy like that...

i might copy the idea one day.

Katie said...

love the trip down memory lane! i was laughing at the pics from "sea turtle" spring break, because i think most of those were taken with my brand new digital camera. back then i had the best camera - a 5 megapixel elph. that lasted about 3 months, before they came out with 6 megapixels! how funny that now, they look soooo grainy!

Julie said...

YAY!!! We have the best friends!!! I love thinking about all of the fun things we've done together. Just love it!