Thursday, March 18, 2010

branching out

Hello there! I hope the sun is shining where you are - I know it is here! I feel really really excited about it. I think that it has helped me get out of my funk. Lovely conversations with my besties (...Shannon) have also helped me realize that I am not alone. It is so good to have people like her in my life. 

I am taking off this Friday, because I am working on Sunday. I feel really pumped because the weather for Friday is supposed to be AMAZING!! I am already creating all of these lists in my head of things that I want to get done. I am working on the balance between accomplishing the things that I need to do and being spontaneous and fun ;)

I am also really excited to share with you all that I am creating my own little studio in our house. When I say studio, don't be mistaken, it is nothing fancy. But, I am really excited about it. I am so happy to not be making and packaging orders in the kitchen anymore. I'm sorry, but working from the kitchen counter is not very inspiring. 

I am so excited to have my own little space. I will take pictures someday when it is a little cuter. Right now it is just in the beginning stages. I am really trying to re-purpose the things that we already own. So far I am doing really well, but I wouldn't exactly call it "cute." However, I am going to organize and clean more this weekend, so hopefully it will get there soon enough. 

One thing that I saw on etsy and thought that the new little room needed were these. 

Aren't these little fabric leaves cute?? You can buy them here, or, I think that they would be super easy to make.  I am going to use some of the adorable teal floral fabric scraps from the rice bag. 

I think the thing that I am most excited about is having a space for the things that don't "go" somewhere else in my house. A lot of times I see a fabric or something and love it, but it doesn't really go in any particular room. Well, since this room is going to be a hodge-podge or re-purposed items, I can feel the freedom to fill the room with all the things that I love - even if they don't really "go." 

In the future, I hope to get brave like this with the rest of my house. I love it when you go into a house and you know that everything in it has meaning and memory behind it. I don't want to be a clutter bug, but I wouldn't mind being a tab bit more ecclectic.

What about you guys? What is one of your favorite items in your home? What things in your home bring you the most joy??


Anne said...

This sounds so fun! Where is your studio going to be? I don't think I've been to your house in a while - and I feel like you have redone several areas. I need to come see them sometime - and maybe I could bring Moose to play with your puppies :)

Julie said...

Rach, I have been dreaming of a scrapbook/craft room for years. My office is SUPER boring and I want to turn it into a crafty-craft room like yesterday. I think about doing that but then i think, "I don't want to waste all of my dollars and turn it into a baby room some day..."

Not that that would be a bad thing. It would just be a waste.

jenna said...

i want to make these leaves. :)

Anonymous said...

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