Tuesday, March 16, 2010

warm and cozy

Hello there! Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday is E and I's date night - it's one of my favorite nights of the week!

First, I just want to thank each of you who have commented on my last couple of posts. I truly appreciate your uplifting words and for reminding me that my feelings were normal. We all need to be reminded that what we're going through isn't unique to us. 

Thanks for your encouragement. 
Thanks for caring enough to comment. 
Thanks for speaking truth into the situation. 

I really really appreciate each of you! 

Ok, onto the warm and cozy part. I having been wanting to make one of Darby's rice bags for awhile. Several weeks ago a couple of friends and I had a little act like we're 85 years old craft night. You can read about it here. This is the same night that E came in and saw the four of us sitting at the table with our sewing machines and said "this is the saddest thing I have ever seen." Call me old or lame, but I loved it. 

That night, two of the girls there made these rice bags, and further spurred on my desire to make on as well.

When I started my 1/2 marathon training a couple of weeks ago, I decided that the rice bag was no longer a want ... it was a need! 

So, I followed Darby's little tutorial and made one myself. 

I did alter the tutorial a little bit by using a pillowcase instead of buying fabric. I am new to sewing and I don't have a lot of extra fabric around. However, I can't wait for that day! 

I picked up a vintage pillow case from the salvation army thrift store. I followed Darby's dimensions, but since the pillow case was already doubled over, I just skipped that step.

I would say that using the pillow case actually made things easier. 

I cut off the one part of the open end to fit her dimensions.

Then, I had to cut it in half. I also did this to fit the dimensions that she listed. Since you cut it in half like this, you can actually make two rice bags out of one pillow case. Not bad for 50 cents!

After you cut it into two pieces, then you can follow Darby's tutorial step by step. 

Next, I measured out dividing lines and stitched them closed. I didn't take many pictures of this part because she does such a great job of explaining it. 

You can see exactly what I am talking about right over here. 

Microwave and enjoy!

One last thing, Darby said to empty a couple of tea bags in with the rice. I second that :) I used some type of french vanilla tea and it smells like cake each time I take it out of the microwave. 

Also, Darby warns to be careful when you're taking it out of the microwave. I also second that! Be careful :) I wouldn't want anyone to burn themselves!

Lastly, not related to rice - I am going to take a couple of weeks off from the giveaways. So sorry! I need a little break. I promise to return with some fabulous ones soon.  

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sarah, flourish design + style said...

Hi! That looks so comforting! Fun project. xo