Tuesday, March 2, 2010

oh my sweet carolina

This weekend I went on a girls only weekend to sunny South Carolina

We had a fabulous time visiting one of my besties, Shannon.

We spent some amazing quality time eating yummy food, visiting book stores, playing outside, listening to good music, drinking Starbucks, shopping at World Market, and traveling to sketchy flea markets.

All of us getting showered and ready at the same time, brought my back to my days in college. Oh how I miss being able to ask another girl her opinions on hair, makeup, or what I am wearing. Asking your husband just isn't the same.

To sum up the weekend for you..

we did a little bit of this... 


played outside

 laughed a lot


took a few pictures 

and ate a lot of chicken


girl road trips are good for the soul 


Holly said...

Haha! I love this post Rach! I had such a great weekend with ya'll and thanks for taking such great pictures!!

Holly said...
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jenna said...

send us those pictures! i'll do the same :) love this.

Jen said...

everyone send me all the pics too! i want all the pics!!!!!! my photographer friends are really starting to come in handy!

i had such a blast with you all!
Jen Jen

Julie said...

You all are too cute! I wish I didn't live so far away and could come on these types of journies. :)

Also, Rach, I know exactly what you mean about husbands being a poor replacement for a girl roommate. It's just not the same. Wonderful, but different