Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the beginnings of a studio

It's not much, but I thought that I would go ahead and show you all the beginnings of my humble studio. Also, I figured that as the studio grows {hopefully}, then you will be able to witness the transformation. 

First, I will tell you that I have not spend a dime on this little space. I feel pretty proud of that! Everything in the room is re-purposed. 

The poms came from my friend Cory's shower. 

The table is an old patio table that E and I used back at our old apartment. I put a large piece of MDF board that was leftover from our bathroom remodel, on top of the metal patio table add space. 

Call me crazy, but this little tub is one of my favorite parts of the studio. The last time I was home at my parents, I brought back a bunch of vintage Strawberry Shortcake furniture. I don't think I have shared yet on here, but I love Strawberry Shortcake {the character}. 

I love that the little tub is footed! For now I filled the tub with a bunch of poppies that I am using for a wedding party this summer. I am really excited to see pictures of all of the bridesmaids wearing their poppies. I think that it will be beautiful!!

A couple of orders from my last jewelry party packaged and ready to go!

Also, don't forget to let me know if you're interested in hosting a party!! The hostess will receive a %20 voucher based on total sales from the party. So, if the sales from the party are $500, then you will receive a $100 voucher for my store!

I painted this old frame with chalkboard paint! I have already starting writing myself little "don't forget" notes. I also used a little vintage teacup to hold the chalk. Isn't it cute?? 

Purple shamrocks that I really hope don't die!!

Back around Christmas, I made a batch of Darby's cinnamon honey butter
I used the leftover jelly jars to hold some of my stones, charms, and cabochons.

The kitties seem to enjoy the space as well!

I can't wait to skirt the table and paint the dresser some fun color :)

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kathy said...

Wow, what a great space! I love it. I simply adore your decorating style. The chalkboard in the bedroom is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and ideas.