Monday, March 1, 2010

very random

a little list for your all ...

1. I am SO ready for Spring. In honor of Spring being right around the corner, I am going to get a pair of Hunter boots for my birthday.
2. I have so many books that I want to read. Right now I am ready The Things They Carried. It is pretty good. The language is a little rough, but I guess you have to expect that for a book about Vietnam. 
3. Reading The Things They Carried makes me want to re-watch Band of Brothers.

4. As much as I am ready for Spring, I still love Smartwools, my dots, and pot roast.


5. I need to stop making silly lists and start writing support letters for the trip to Costa Rica that I am taking in less than one month.

6. Or stop making lists and get ready for my first Jewelry Party on Friday! Very excited and a little nervous because I have so much to do. 

7. When I finish reading The Things They Carried, I want to read The Help & Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I am not sure how I feel about seeing the movie. Johnny Depp freaks me out just a little.

8.  This year I am going to add sweet potatoes and strawberries to my little garden.

9. I feel like I have a lot of projects that I want to do around the house, but when I get off of work I don't do anything! How will I ever accomplish anything??

10. Our plans to travel to France this summer are becoming more and more of a reality. Anyone been there and have any travel suggestions?

11. Both of my puppies are laying on the floor asleep ... this is a glorious thing.

12. I feel like God is using my life in amazing ways. For the past three years I have had a pretty rough struggle with body image and eating issues. Through God's guidance, good friends, and a lot of prayer, I feel like I have truly been rescued from a lot of the sin that is entangled in that. I'm not saying that I no longer struggle with it anymore, but it is no longer the Lord of my life. 

This week, a girl in our church's youth group approached me about the similar issues. I am going to get the opportunity to walk beside her through this journey. I had someone in my life who had similar struggles and she walked beside me (her name was also Rachel). She has helped me in more ways then she will never know. 

13. I am super scared that now that I have two dogs my house will smell like a kennel. 

14. I take Social Work Licensure exam tomorrow at 8:00. Think of me & send up a couple of prayers.

15. I am hesitant to write this one, but I am going to rebel against my logical thinking and tell you all anyway. I have a job interview tomorrow. I would really like a counseling job. The interview tomorrow is for a counseling/therapist position, specifically working with pregnant women who also have substance abuse issues.

16. I am crossing over to the dark {or light, depending on how to look at it} and getting an iphone.
 17. I hate spending money at the grocery store & everytime I bring E with me I spend even more ... why is that? 

18. I absolutely cannot under any circumstances buy Golden Oreos. I will without a doubt eat the whole container. I am not am emotional eater and in general I feel like I am pretty healthy, but when it comes to the Golden Oreo I am simply much too weak.

Ok, I think that is enough rambling. Sometimes I just like to get what is inside of my head out on here! Sorry you have to witness my randomness.


Savannah said...

praying for your job interview! I completely understand your fear of your house smelling like a kennel! I am so paranoid about it and constantly have candles burning when guests come over- even though everyone tells me there is no smell. haha vacuuming and febreeze are the best! and my new favorite must-have is a Furminator! If you don't have one you must get it now! We got one off ebay for $12 but in stores they are $60, which I did not want to spend. It takes off so much fur and they hardly shed afterward! (this definitely helps with the smell) Kinda disgusting but my husband filled up 1 big trash bag of fur just from one dog! yikes thats gross but it works incredibly!
p.s. isn't it so neat to see how God uses our struggles to help others. so glad you are able to share your heart with young girls and help them through their own struggles. our God is so good.

Jen said...

interview and exam prayers going up RIGHT NOW! let us know how it goes!

and i just remembered that my dad has been to france a couple times...i bet he could give you some tips!


Katie said...

Prayers for your exam and job interview!

And Eric knows this, so he may have already talked to him, but Kyle spent 2 weeks in France after graduation. He would love to help! So jealous - what a great vacation!

Courtney said...

I'd wear smart wool socks everyday if I could!


you HAVE to read 'the help'!

LRW said...

Oh, I've been dying to have rain boots!! You'll have to let us know if you love the Hunter ones! Good luck on your exam--you'll do great!

Rondell said...

Forget France! You should go on one of these all inclusive cruises to the carribean like I did. Girl, it's just what the doctor ordered!

Carly said...

I'll set a reminder (on my super cool iphone) to pray for your while you are taking your exam! I'm glad you are getting a new phone so let's play words with friends soon! Also where are you getting your Hunter boots I have been wanting some for a looong time and I can't find them very affordable? :)

Rachel said...

I think I am going to look on Ebay first. If I don't find anything, then I guess I will just have to buy them off of the Hunter website.