Thursday, March 4, 2010


just for laughs


Yes, this is real.
This is what can happen when you ask someone to tease your hair. Or, say things like "I want a poof."

Also, a disclaimer to make this even funnier - the picture above was taken the day of my best friends wedding. I was the matron of honor! 

Talk about panic! 

Don't worry it ended up ok in the end.


Julie said...

I don't understand how the crazy tease ended in that cute hairstyle. Scary!!!

Jen said...

baaaaaaaaaaahhahaahahha this makes me so happy.

just goes to show you that sometimes when we think things are a big giant mess that really they are just "in progress". they'll turn out beautifully in the end.

you were a great MOH!

Cory said...

this was a great moment! i'm so glad i got to witness the transformation from that to lovely :)