Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's happening again

Once again, I have been recruited to be the elf at my work's Christmas party.

This will be my third year as elf.

Oh the disadvantages of being small.

While I am looking forward to seeing the sweet little smiles and expressions on all of the childrens' faces, I am not excited about the head to toe felt suit.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks from last year.

Sorry about the red eye. When I tried to edit it out in iphoto a giant black blob appeared in the middle of my hat!

One thing I am looking forward to a little bit more than being an elf .... GRADUATION!!! {given that I pass my comps on WEDNESDAY ... please pray ... right now ... }

Here I am two December's ago when I finished up with undergrad. I cannot wait to wear that same silly grin and flat hat!


Cory said...

oh my gosh i have never seen those elf pictures...i'm laughing very hard right now (sorry)!!!!

love you and hope that everything goes wonderfully on wednesday!

Julie said...

You are such a precious elf!!!! I can't wait to see you when we come home to see Silas. Or maybe in NKY over Christmas. Tell me your plans so we can grab lunch or breakfast or a snack or something. (Apparently it has to be food).