Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a glimpse of things to come

FYI: This post is not thoughtful or creative. It's simply random thoughts in my head coming onto the screen.

This morning started out right with a little bit of this
What is it about the red cups that draws you in. I am not a marketing person, so I feel like I don't understand.
I do know that in the past couple of weeks, I dream about red cups filled with a creamy warm beverage.

Also, last night I stopped by the store and picked up these few things at the store {once I went in because they would not sell me allergy meds through the drivethru ... because they thought I was going to build a meth lab. No people , I just don't want to wake up in the middle of the night unable to breath ... please make it stop!

So anyways, I picked up this ... for my Accutane induced dry lips. Who doesn't love a new tube of chap stick?

I also picked up these two things with preemptive plans of spoiling myself tomorrow. Tomorrow at 7:00 ... after I am finished with the comps.

I have had to FORCE myself not to open the pages. I know if I start, then I will never get back to studying.

And this ... there is no level of stress that I glass of Riesling and a bubble bath cannot cure.

And only to add to my joy of almost being finished with school ... my amazing friend Angie went into labor THIS MORNING! I am absolutely TERRIFIED of having a baby and being in labor, but I cannot wait to meet sweet little baby Silas. I feel a little intimidated holding newborns. You could think I would feel comfortable seeing that my mom had my sister when I was 12 ... yep I have a sister in 5th grade. It is so much fun! None the less, I still feel nervous. Please be praying for Micah, Angie, and baby Silas. Pray for a safe and fast delivery :)

Also, not even close to as important, but I have to mention it ... please pray for my baby at home ... Stella. She hasn't been feeling well, and when we took her to the vet we found out she has Giardia. I thought you had to go out of the country and drink dirty water to get this, but no, she contracted it right here in the homeland.

Please also pray her recovery ... and don't forget to thank God for all of the daily blessings we take for granted like ... clean water, running water, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, hot shower, indoor plumbing in general, and so much more.

Lastly, E asked me last night if there was anything special I want to do after I graduate. And my answer, get a tree, make cookies, and wrap Christmas gifts. I am a huge nerd, or just easy to please?


Jen said...

I hope you take time to relax little Rach! Call me & I'll relax WITH you! Good luck on your exam & spoil yourself like crazy.

I don't know what Stella has...I've never heard that word before. Is she going to be ok?

Rachel said...

Jen - It's a parasite. Sick huh? She's on meds though so she will get better! I knew what it was bc when Mike and Joe Joe were in Africa she got it while she was in her first trimester! Terrible huh?