Thursday, December 10, 2009

i'm ready

{like the charlie brown effect? that's what happens when you don't have a tree skirt! we do have a much larger & real tree, but I am waiting for the weather to clear up before I take a picture of it. don't worry I will share soon. this is what E and I consider our travel tree. each time were travel somewhere new we buy an ornament from that place. my parents do the same thing, and it is so much fun looking at all the ornaments are remembering all the fun trips we have taken together.}

{i was going to make the bed before I took this picture, but then I thought "no, this is what it really looks like. maybe some of you will take comfort in that?}

{i usually don't love poinsettias, but these are super glittery and i was sort of drawn to them. the little red accents in the bathroom reminded me of how cute mint and red are together. maybe i will use those colors for gift wrapping inspiration next year.}

{please pretend like you do not see the super sad microwave stand. i believe i have already told you about the desperate remodel our kitchen is in need of. oh well, we are still SO blessed.}

{instead of a white Christmas, I am dreaming of painting these cabinets white and taking off the doors on the top ones!}

{i added a little scrapbook paper behind these simple metal cookie cutters. it really helped them stand out.}

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jenna said...

precious idea! i love the paper behind the cookie cutters :)