Thursday, December 17, 2009

a crafty christmas

I have been waiting with anticipation to write this post. Last Saturday a group of my closest friends and I celebrated our eighth girl's Christmas. Girl's Christmas ... creative huh? We started calling it that when we were Sophmore's in High School and the name has stuck. It has been an absolute blessing to share my life with these ladies and watch as we all grow into the women God created us to be.

So I think I have already told you, but last year we switched things up a little bit. We kept the exchange part the same, except we added the stipulation that all things had to be handmade. Let me tell you ... the handmade factor has made the annual event even better than I could have imagened! Girl Christmas is truly one of my favorite days of the year. We potluck and share our handmade creations {do I sound like I am 50 or what??}.

This morning, I am here to share a couple of the treasures I received. I hope they strike a little creative nerve in you.

#1: My amazingly creative friend Cory made each of us this lovely set of bath salts, sugar scrub, and a felted bar of soap. The bar of soap is such a fun idea ... it's like a loufa and soap in one. I can't wait to use these beauties, but in the meantime they're fabulous little bathroom decorations.

#2: My precious friend Shannon {who recently moved to SC and I miss her terribly}, crafted us these dainty little teacup candles. As soon as I take down my Christmas decorations, this will be one of the first things I find a place for!

#3: My little seamstress friend Jenna, made each of us our own Christmas apron. Love it! Click here for the tutorial she used.

#4: My best friend in the whole world, Jen,  made us these amazing doily tote bags. Click here for a step by step tutorial.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but I crafted everyone a little jewelry from Stella Bella Boutique.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Merry Christmas from each of us!

Also, please excuse the weird things my blog is doing. I am trying to do a couple of new things, but for a little while it will be under construction. Don't worry, we'll still be open.


the Poston's said...

rach! how did you get your pictures to be so big?

Briel79 said...

I made those bags for some of the ladies in my family. I hope they like them! The ones I made are smaller versions. :)

Rachel said...

That's so fun! They're going to love them ... I know I do. Send some pictures. I would love to see your version.