Thursday, November 5, 2009

i'm still dreaming

Oh a full kitchen overhaul. Or maybe even a few cosmetic changes. Sometimes simply painting can totally change the mood of the room. I would go ahead and paint my cabibnets, but then I start thinking...what about the pealing countertops...or a backsplash...and the list goes on and on.

I desperately want to make some changes, but the funds aren't there to do a full overhaul. I'm not sure how longer I can stay still and do nothing...especially when I have so many ideas floating in my head! I am dreaming of a long table, big enough to fit all of my friends.

I love when the table is in the center of the room - like this one! I am also swoon by subway tile, white cabinets without the doors, and pretty serving ware.

What are some of your kitchen details?

If you could change anything about your current kitchen, what would it be?

Here is a sneak peak at my two sources of inspiration. I love the open cabinets, but I feel equally about taking the existing cabinets to the ceiling and adding a shelf. Both options are so much more clean, open, airy, and cheerful than what I have going on right now!


Anne said...

Painting our kitchen cabinets white is definitely on the to-do list. I think we are going to wait til spring to do it. Problem is we have white countertops, so those will probably have to go if we do paint the cabinets.

Jen said...

well its a pretty long list but you asked for it...

re-do our cabinets, either strip & restain them (the right way) or sand and paint them white.

New counter-tops

New sink (which we have but we're waiting on new countertops to put it in

New garbage disposal - this may actually be number 1 on our list. I think ours is original to the house (which is twenty years old) and if not, it looks original...gross

New hardwood floor - that are flush with the rest of the rooms in the house

OH and last but not least paint the walls and get a new light fixture.

I tired just thinking about it :(

Lucianne said...

just one - put lights underneath the cabinets to illuminate countertops :)

TexNan said...

Even though our house is only five years old, we changed the countertop, backsplashes, and the stove--going from electric to gas--a year ago August. Here's a link to where I posted about it on my blog:

And for those of you hating your countertops, check out this tutorial from Rocky Bella--she did a bang-up job on hers.

Jenn said...

I love those turquoise cabinets! So bright and cheery.

We painted all our cabinets last year, which is such an easy and inexpensive upgrade. Next up, I would LOVE a new counter top.