Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a new use for china

I saw these pictures and I fell in love. What a great way to display antique china and jewlery at the same time. So go ahead, get those pretty cups and saucers out of the cabinet. Show them off, use them to hold your precious jewels.

I also saw this unique little piece on etsy. I think that it would be adorable jewelry holder, or a eye catching piece in open shelves.

Challenge yourself to be a little creative.

Recycle the things you already have sitting around the house!


Adrianna said...

What a creative way to show off not 1 but 2 things! I'm definitely going to do the cups in the drawer. And the earrings I got out of your etsy shop are beautiful. I've already gotten compliments on them.

Shannon said...

i love this so much. it is adorable and i freaking love china. fancy and mis-matched china.

i can't wait to do this someday. i love the picture with all of the trinkets in the drawer.