Saturday, November 21, 2009

my cup of tea

This Anthropologie candle is my cup of tea ... or wax. To make this candle even more luxurious, it comes in the following scents ... peppermint hot cocoa, mulled wine, hot buttered rum, and hazelnut latte. Oh so warm and cozy! This little candle would make the perfect gift for that oh so difficult person to shop for.


Ravenhill said...

Such a pretty candleholder!

I just wanted to give a long belated thank you for the winning prize- the very pretty hair pins from Carmenesque. I am sorry to be so slow to let you know of their safe arrival. We just love them. I blogged about it today.
Hope you have a great week.

Savannah said...

love this teacup candle! I'll be getting one for a friend and adding it to my list :)
I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog Award a few days ago and I would like to pass one of my nominations along to you. You can see the instructions in my blog.
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you share on your blog!