Wednesday, June 16, 2010

yes, I am still alive

Hello Bloggers
Sorry I've disappeared for a minute. I miss you terribly. Things have been very busy around here. I know what you're thinking .... "you're unemployed, how can you call yourself busy?" ... but I am! I've been spending tons of time working in our yard and garden, reading, and traveling. E and I have spent the past three days at Lake Cumberland. This is the reason for my recent absence. We took a group of high school seniors from our church on a little get-a-way. We had a fabulous time, but now I am super drained. 

I'll leave you with this lovely photo. I'm off to hang out with the pups, read The Help, and eat some Caesar salad with grilled chicken. The romaine is from the dad's garden :) Now, if I only knew someone with a chicken coop.

I'll be back soon to share about our travels to Florence and Cinque Terre.

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