Monday, June 7, 2010

european adventures: d-day beaches and the american cemetery in normandy

Back again for some more European adventures. While we were in Normandy, we visited the d-day beaches from WW2.

The visit place we visited was Pointe du Hoc

It was unbelievably humbling to stand on the same land where so many young men gave their lives.

At this particular location, British and American soldiers literally climbed these jagged cliffs in order to invade what was then German territory. 

That's some intense rock climbing.

There were craters everywhere that you walked. As much as I tried to picture it, the idea of explosions going on where each of those craters where was just seemed foreign. 

This pictures really gives you perspective for how huge these holes where.

E liked to pretend like he sweet and rescuing me.

He was being sweet until he decided to act like he was going to drop me.

Later, we moved over to the American cemetery.

Usually cemeteries are kind of eery, but this one wasn't. It was very peaceful.



Next, we will be heading to ROME!!

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